Power Rankings “Friday June 29th 2007”

1.       Kimbo Slice:  Kimbo is a trained killer.  The fight was really really fun.  The People were Hill-air-eh-ous.  I’ve never felt like I am a really small person but at this fight I was tiny.  I feel like most of the people there were capable of eating me and all were capable of punching my head off (a la Rambo).  To make matters more interesting fights kept breaking out in the audience also.  To say that the audience was stupid is also a bit of an understatement.  One quote heard from people sitting behind us was “This ain’t nothin’ like on Tee-Vee on Tee-Vee there’s blood and Gutts and Shit.”  The fight itself was out of control there were 13 fights and even the bad ones (mismatches) were good because it usually meant that someone was going to get kicked in the face.  By the time main event finally rolled around it had been discovered that not only was Kimbo’s opponent 46 years old he also had Hepatitis, I knew that there was no way that Kimbo was going to lose to a guy with the Hep and he didn’t.  He beat that old man in about 1:15 with a choke hold.  It was also really great that we got to go with 5 of my college friends.   

2.       Philly:  I spent the weekend in Philly it was a lot of fun.  It’s refreshing to go out somewhere that isn’t as vagrant as Miami Beach.  On Thursday night I made a tab and Lisa and I drank off of it all night when the bill came it was like $42 or as I saw it two drinks with tips on the beach.  I couldn’t believe how happy I was for this tab.  Then I realized that this is how most of the rest of the world works and I started to get a little concerned that I consider a $9 Stella pretty standard. 

3.       iPhone:  The iPhone comes out today and trust fund hipsters of the world have rejoiced.  While I will agree that the phone is cool, and I will admit that when it came out I was really into it, I just don’t see myself waiting in line for a phone that costs $599.  I mean could you imagine the people who would line up for any other phone?  The Jr. VP’s in navy blue suits lined up for the new blackberry… Nah that probably wouldn’t happen they wouldn’t be able to get the time off of work.  I wonder what the price of this phone will be on ebay this week.  My guess is that one sells for like $1500 to some idiot. 

4.       People from My High School That I found on facebook: Say Cheese!s122605630_4826.jpg


5.       Internet Radio: Internet Radio broadcasters went silent this week in protest against an increase in royalties that are being charged by the record labels.  The issue stems from the fact that in the past Internet radio stations were being charged 10%-15% of their operating budgets (compared to 7% for Satellite radio and nothing for broadcast radio).  New royalty rates are forcing internet radio to pay royalties at a per-song rate (retroactive to 2006).  This rate would represent somewhere from 95%-115% of most of these internet radio stations budgets and would force most of the radio stations to shut down.

6.       Las Vegas Super Sonics:  The Las Vegas Super Sonics got remarkably better last night by getting two picks in the first 5 of the draft.  They landed Kevin Durrant and Jeff Green.  Personally I’m shocked (but happy that Celtics traded away the pick).  I also think that the Hawks might be better off than people think… The addition of Acie Law, and Al Horford might make them legit if all things work out. 

7.       $2-$4 Limit Poker:  I played $2-$4 limit for a long time in Atlantic City after the fight.  The best part about it is that it is such a meaningless amount of money that you can play all night and usually not do too badly.  I played for about 11 hours straight after the fight and ended up about $200 in the black.    

8.       Picking my nose at work:  It’s like picking your Nose Xtream, because there always the risk someone might see you. 

9.       Eugene McGuinness: (http://www.myspace.com/eugenemcguinness85)  A really good new artist who sounds like the Shins, with a bit more of a low-fi high-fi mix.  He has released three songs on his myspace and his first album The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness is out 8/6 in the UK on Double Six Records (a domino spin off).  

10.   Airlines:  So I ended up sleeping in and just about missing my flight Monday morning I got to the airport 40 mins before it left and I was sure that I would make it.  But apparently US Airways had other ideas.  As is their policy of over selling every fight, they oversold the flight.  But instead of letting me and 5 others cross the gate, thus entitling us to a free round trip if we were to give up our flights, they held us at the gate until the plane took off and then let us through, thus entitling us to nothing.  Even worse we had to fly standby on another overbooked flight.  Luckily I turned on the old Charmsky and managed to get on the flight.  

11.   Man Man:  I saw man man Tuesday night at Studio A.  Overall it was a pretty entertaining show and the two openers were two of the better ones that I’ve seen in South Florida. 

12.   Toronto:  By this time next week I’ll hopefully be back in Toronto.  I’m really excited for it.  I haven’t been back for more than a night since I moved to Miami in January. 

13.   NFL Europa Folds:  Now who am I going to have to play as when I play against Shapiro in Madden?   

14.   Jokes:  Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they aren’t.  I prefer it when they are. 

15.   Japanese Television:  I heard that this show swept the Japanese Grammy’s this year.


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One response to “Power Rankings “Friday June 29th 2007”

  1. Henderson

    If you’re looking for an NFL Europe caliber team in Madden 08, I’m sure the Buffalo Bills will suffice.

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