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Pick dees.

Indy @ Carolina – I think this will be a popular upset pick since Carolina always seems to play them tough.  I just don’t think they have a chance.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Vinny is great (so washed up he’s not even near the coast anymore.  We’re talking tsunami here.)  Their D just won’t be able to stop Peyton and his friends.  Colts.

Detriot @ Chicago – This is probably the most intriguing match-up this week.  Chicago is finally coming around but has taken some punishment at home.  Detroit has the Almight looking after them.  This the closest thing to actually seeing “Ditka vs. God.”  The real fight here will be between Detroits point producing offence and Chicago’s once stingy D.  Here, I like da Lions.

Pittsburgh @ Cincy – Pittsburgh will be trying to avenge their defeat last week while Cincy is just trying to play up to their potential.  Personally, I hope Carson and Ben will be airing it out all day in a shootout.  However it goes down, I take the Steel.

Giants @ Miami – Arsenal would have a better chance than the Fish.  G-Men.

Philly @ Minny – Both of these under-acheiving teams need some momentum.  Be ready for a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson and Brian Westbrook.  Here’s a fun game, try to name as many WR’s as possible from both teams.  If you got over 5 you need a new hobby.  Igles by a FG.

Cleveland @ St. Louis – Is it possible that this could possibly be the week the Rams remember that they were supposed to be a half-decent team this season?  Having Bulger and Jackson on one team has meant a winless start for the Rams and my Fantasy team.  I think they will both have to wait at least one more week for that elusive W.  Browns.

Oakland @ Tennessee – Vince Young just wins football games.  Titans

Buffalo @ Jets – The good news is someone other than the Pats will be getting a win in the AFC East.  The bad news is it will probably put you to sleep if you try to watch it.  Bills.

Houston @ San Diego – San Diego is so hot right now.  Sorry.  Chargers.

Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay – Quinn Gray just wins football games. . . in NFL Europe.  Bucs.

Washington @ New England – I don’t know if I’ll be able to read Bill Simmons if the Pats go undefeated and the Sox win the Series.  The Celtics (all three of them) are looking good as well so he’s going to have to start looking for stuff to whine about elsewhere.  Do I think the Redskins can win here?  No.  Do I want them to injure the Brady so I don’t have to feel inadequate anymore?  Yes.  Will either happen?  Pats.

New Orleans @ San Francisco – A lot of defense in this one.  Could be a fun one to watch unless you like either team.  I need a huge day from Brees so go Saints.

Green Bay @ Denver – The Bronco’s have been celebrating Halloween all season by pretending to be a different team every week.  I really have no idea if they are terrific or pure shit.  I can see them getting up for Monday night, especially after the Rox get Rocked tonight.  On another note, is Korheiser really starting to get to anyone else?  I love PTI but want to strangle him on Monday Nights.  Pack.

And the most important game of the week:

The Joey Lions (palestinmiami) vs. balldroppers (fruffy) – After a 1-2 start, the balldroppers have won 4 straight in convincing fashion and now sit just one game behind the first place Lions.  We’re both relying heavily on our benches due to bye issues, both my starting RB’s (Edge and Willis) and Romo for the bad guys are sitting.  If my QB’s play like they have been I don’t see how he can win, especially with Gore being banged up and Andre Davis remaining in his line-up after being a late scratch.  Muah-hahahahha.  balldroppers!

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Pick My Sac Week 8

I’m running out the door for the weekend right now… here are my picks super quick:

GMEN @ MIA – Giants not even close

OAK @ TEN – Ten

PHI @ MIN – Min

CLE @ STL – Cleveland. If the Browns lose this game I think Romeo should be fired at the end of the year these are the games that a team trying to be good must win.

DET @ CHI -Chi









Yearly total.

fruffy – 43 -34
palestinmiami – 43-34

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That’s officer Shaquille to you.


On the ground floor of my office is an Italian restaurant that’s pretty good.  It’s not great and it really isn’t anything too special but it’s pretty good.  Perhaps the best thing about it is that it has a patio where you can sit outside and enjoy an obstructed view of the ocean.

 Less than an hour ago I was walking by it on my way to park where I was going to eat my lunch and none other than Shaquille O’Neal was sitting outside, eating a Fettuccine Alfredo.  Shaq is a big man, he’s hard not to notice, but what I saw today leads me to believe that he wanted to be seen at least a little.  He had a black t-shirt with the giant superman logo and the word “Police” across the back… and he was carrying a gun in a holster on his hip.  I know it would have been a better story if he had the gun tucked in the back of his sweat pants, but he didn’t.

 As soon as I got back to my office I called Fruffy at work and decided that Shaq should retire at the end of the year for two reasons.  1. By that time the league will have Greg Oden who has enough personality to fill the void and 2. because at Sacs in the City we can’t wait for Shaq to start his own bounty hunter enterprise which will obviously be turned into a intriguing (though probably disappointing) reality show. Essentially what I guess I’m trying to say is that I’m ready for the next phase of Shaq’s life regardless of whether or not he is.  I’m tired of the new Tiki and Keyshawn I want the new Diesel I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a fun trip to watch.

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Buffy does Fruffalo

As you may have seen, I was forced to text my picks in this week because I was in the left armpit of the U.S. to watch Willis’ return to Buffalo.  In a surprising plot twist, the man responsible for half (the hard part) of my birth went to the Miami gamelesson, unseating my aforementioned co-editor as the palest man in Miami for at least the first quarter. That is of course until the sun and beers combined to turn him a delicate shade of tomato.  My Dad praised palestinmiami for his hospitality and chugging abilities so if any of you are in the area be sure to look him up.  Here’s a little bit about my experience:

The highlights of our trip included staying at a wonderful resort (I give it 5 dead hookers out of 5,) eating chicken wings that tasted like fruits and garlic bread respectively, abusing the strength of the mighty loonie by purchasing a ridiculous amount of consumer goods and not paying doody, and drinking as many water-flavoured beers as possible.  This obviously was accompanied by the inevitable 5 p.m. hangover, made worse by waiting in line at the border, layered in cheap brand name dress clothing all the while insisting we were only in the country for a sporting event.  I guess that’s the price you pay to live the American dream, if only for the weekend.

In all seriousness, we had terrific seats which you will see from the ensuing photographs.


This is indicative of the welcome that Mr. McGahee (McLovin, McAsshole, McHatehim) received at the hands of Buffalonians young and old.  Someone was even kind enough to place his jersey in the trough in the men’s room so his return could be a warm one.


Here’s a man attempting to break Kobayashi’s record at half-time, in his seat, with no one watching.

In an unrelated story…..


This lady was doing her damnedest to distract me while I was just trying to watch the game.  I mean look at the placement of the breast cancer ribbon!  Exploiting mother nature’s gifts to bring attention to her cause.  Disgusting.


Here’s my friend Ray Lewis telling me to have a safe drive home after I told him what a fine and upstanding member of society I thought he was.

I guess you can’t really tell where we were sitting but I had to cut small sections of the pics because apparently my brother owns some insane sort of paparazzi device and I’m too lazy and stupid to figure out how to format them properly.  All in all it was a great trip, but I can’t wait for the Bills to move to Toronto so I will be able to do it 8 times a year.

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The Black Kids: Proof of Music Development 2.0



So I was looking through our post history and I realized that we haven’t had a post that was related to any music outside of the Top 40 in ages.  I figured that today was as good a day as any to change that.

My newest obsession is a band called the Black Kids out of Jacksonville.  The Black Kids are a rock band in the purest sense of the word.  They aren’t trying to be cute or coy they are just rocking hard the whole time.  The band is a mixed race group fronted by the charismatic Reggie Youngblood, with a backing that includes his younger sister.  I know that music professionals throw the term around but the Black Kids truly have “it”.  Within five minutes of seeing them you know that they’ll be big.

I actually got a chance to see them in Jacksonville at the beginning of September and have been following them really closely since.  The Black Kids are a perfect example of how A&R is changing and how a strong internet presence is almost as important for a young act as developing a live show.  Throughout the history of music in order for a band from a non-music city (such as Jacksonville) to get discovered they either had to tour and hope someone saw them, have someone hear their demo tape, or get really lucky (like having a father who is a record producer).  The internet has changed all of this and now bands can become huge before ever playing a live show.

I was lucky enough to be able to say that I saw the Black kids before, or perhaps just as,  they became Internet Celebrities.  I suppose that it all started with this story.  The NME article is where I, thousands of other music fans and insiders around the music industry discovered the Black Kids.  I read the story the day it came out and I remember seeing that the bands, MySpace page had something like 6000 hits.  Less than two months later the page has 185,00 and the band is signed with Quest Management (the same firm that represents Bjork and Arcade Fire).  Once a management firm of such ilk was involved, reviews and show dates started rolling in.  The band was the unofficial mascot of this year’s CMJ (College Music Journal) festival in New York, with three showcases (Spin, Fader and Brooklyn Vegan).  It’s inevitable that the band will sign a deal with one of the dozens of record labels that must be courting them  and when they do the cycle of a band in the new world of music will be complete.  In this case I don’t believe that the Black Kids akin to the emperor sporting his new clothes but you’ve got to assume that since everyone is clawing to get “the next big thing” that more often than not these bands that become famous on the internet before releasing a single album will fail.

Just so you can see how good The Black Kids are here is a video taken from the show in Jacksonville on September 7th:


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Blind people fear my car.

This article that I found today let me know that Blind people fear my car. Apparently the Prius is too quiet and it takes them by surprise when they are trying to J-Walk. This is the problem that I have with this; What are blind people doing J-Walking? If I were blind I think that I would take extra car to only cross on lights (which I’m not sure how I would see).

I don’t want to write too much more about this because I feel like I’m eventually going to say something inflammatory that I don’t actually mean and I’ll offend all both of our readers. accidentally inflammatory


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So I got a text. (Pick my sac)

I got a text from Fruffy at11:17:14 AM on Sunday that simply said:

“Was, NO, BAL, NE, GMEN, DET, TENN, KC, CIN, DAL, PHIK, ST LOU, PITT, INDY. You having fun?”

I’m not sure if this should count towards our competition for a couple of reasons.

1. It wasn’t posted online

2. By being late Fruffy gives himself the incredible advantage of knowing the status of all game time decisions.

In the end I guess it counts… I’m just a little disappointed… step your game up fruf.


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