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Week 14

John Madden over Jason Krausz – I really hate this kid. how come I didn’t get to be on Sunday NFL countdown when I was in 5th grade.

Bills over Dolphins

Bengals over Rams (sorry Brock)

Cowboys over Lions

Green Bay over Raiders

Titans  over Chargers

Giants over Eagles

Jaguars over Panthers

Bucs over Texans

Vikings over Niners

Seahawks over Cardinals

Broncos over  Chiefs

Steelers over Pats

Browns over Jets

Colts overs Ravens

Saints over Falcons

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Week 14 Picks

Buffalo over Miami, Cincy over St. Louis, Dallas over Detroit, Green Bay over Oakland, Tennessee over SD, Philly over Giants, Jacksonville over Carolina, TB over Houston, Minny over San Fran, Zona over Seattle, Denver over KC, Pittsburgh over NE, Cleveland over Jets, Indy over Baltimore, and NO over Atlanta in what should be the best Monday Nighter of the season.  HA.

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Don’t do drugs if you want to be a Rockstar

A father in Toronto has posted his 15-year-old son Isaac’s Christmas present on eBay after coming home and catching Isaac and his friends enjoying a little wacky tobaccy.  The gift in question is this year’s “must have” item, none other than Guitar Hero III.  You can read more into the story at the auction page found here.

On the one hand, I don’t think catching his teenage son smoking weed in the backyard was a big deal, but at the same time, in this age of super-consumerism and spoiled children, the father has chosen a creative and attention-grabbing punishment.  If this was Rock Band, however, I don’t know if I’d feel the same way…



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Week 13 Picks

Tennessee over Houston, Indy over Jacksonville, San Diego over KC, St. Louis over Hotlanta, Jets over Fins, Detroit over Minny, Seattle over Philly, Buffalo over Skins, Carolina over SF, Denver over Oakland, Cleveland over Zona, G-Men over Chicago, TB over Nawlins, Pittsburgh over Cincy, NE over Baltimore. 

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Pick My Sac: NFL Week 13

ok here are my picks.

St Louis, Washington, Minnesota, Houston, Indy, Miami, KC, San Fran, Philly, Cleveland, Denver, Gmen, Tampa, Pitt, New England.

It’s funny I used to spend a lot of time on these and not just rush them out before going to bed after coming home from the bar.

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