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Week 14

John Madden over Jason Krausz – I really hate this kid. how come I didn’t get to be on Sunday NFL countdown when I was in 5th grade.

Bills over Dolphins

Bengals over Rams (sorry Brock)

Cowboys over Lions

Green Bay over Raiders

Titans  over Chargers

Giants over Eagles

Jaguars over Panthers

Bucs over Texans

Vikings over Niners

Seahawks over Cardinals

Broncos over  Chiefs

Steelers over Pats

Browns over Jets

Colts overs Ravens

Saints over Falcons


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Pick My Sac: NFL Week 13

ok here are my picks.

St Louis, Washington, Minnesota, Houston, Indy, Miami, KC, San Fran, Philly, Cleveland, Denver, Gmen, Tampa, Pitt, New England.

It’s funny I used to spend a lot of time on these and not just rush them out before going to bed after coming home from the bar.

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Pick My Sac. Thursday Edition

I’ll take Dallas tonight.

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Tartan Tragedy

Yesterday Scotland played Italy in a key Euro 2008 qualifier.  All the Scots needed to do was tie and they made it in to the tournament.  Italy scored first and started to just sit back and defend like they always do.  Normally, one would just about give up on the opponent having a chance against the Italians, but Scotland was playing well and scored in the 65th minute.  The crowd was going absolutely crazy anticipating their first trip to a major tournament in ten years.  All they had to was play out the last 25 minutes for a tie, and it seemed like this was going to be the case.  Then, in the 90th minute, this happened: 

I think Italy is again becoming my most hated team as Ronaldo, Nani, and their ludicrous stepovers are cooling my disdain towards the diving/arguing masters, the Portuguese. 

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My Brain Hurts

I’m so hung over I’m in danger of death.  New Orleans, Atlanta, Green Bay, Denver, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Philly, Cincinnati, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, Indy and San Francisco will win their matches this week.  Goodnight.

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Gahh Almost forgot.

Here are my picks: Washington, Ten, Tampa, Jacksonville, San Diego, Green Bay, Det, Buffalo, Atlanta, Cleveland, Indy, Oakland, Dallas, Pit


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Pick dees.

Indy @ Carolina – I think this will be a popular upset pick since Carolina always seems to play them tough.  I just don’t think they have a chance.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Vinny is great (so washed up he’s not even near the coast anymore.  We’re talking tsunami here.)  Their D just won’t be able to stop Peyton and his friends.  Colts.

Detriot @ Chicago – This is probably the most intriguing match-up this week.  Chicago is finally coming around but has taken some punishment at home.  Detroit has the Almight looking after them.  This the closest thing to actually seeing “Ditka vs. God.”  The real fight here will be between Detroits point producing offence and Chicago’s once stingy D.  Here, I like da Lions.

Pittsburgh @ Cincy – Pittsburgh will be trying to avenge their defeat last week while Cincy is just trying to play up to their potential.  Personally, I hope Carson and Ben will be airing it out all day in a shootout.  However it goes down, I take the Steel.

Giants @ Miami – Arsenal would have a better chance than the Fish.  G-Men.

Philly @ Minny – Both of these under-acheiving teams need some momentum.  Be ready for a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson and Brian Westbrook.  Here’s a fun game, try to name as many WR’s as possible from both teams.  If you got over 5 you need a new hobby.  Igles by a FG.

Cleveland @ St. Louis – Is it possible that this could possibly be the week the Rams remember that they were supposed to be a half-decent team this season?  Having Bulger and Jackson on one team has meant a winless start for the Rams and my Fantasy team.  I think they will both have to wait at least one more week for that elusive W.  Browns.

Oakland @ Tennessee – Vince Young just wins football games.  Titans

Buffalo @ Jets – The good news is someone other than the Pats will be getting a win in the AFC East.  The bad news is it will probably put you to sleep if you try to watch it.  Bills.

Houston @ San Diego – San Diego is so hot right now.  Sorry.  Chargers.

Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay – Quinn Gray just wins football games. . . in NFL Europe.  Bucs.

Washington @ New England – I don’t know if I’ll be able to read Bill Simmons if the Pats go undefeated and the Sox win the Series.  The Celtics (all three of them) are looking good as well so he’s going to have to start looking for stuff to whine about elsewhere.  Do I think the Redskins can win here?  No.  Do I want them to injure the Brady so I don’t have to feel inadequate anymore?  Yes.  Will either happen?  Pats.

New Orleans @ San Francisco – A lot of defense in this one.  Could be a fun one to watch unless you like either team.  I need a huge day from Brees so go Saints.

Green Bay @ Denver – The Bronco’s have been celebrating Halloween all season by pretending to be a different team every week.  I really have no idea if they are terrific or pure shit.  I can see them getting up for Monday night, especially after the Rox get Rocked tonight.  On another note, is Korheiser really starting to get to anyone else?  I love PTI but want to strangle him on Monday Nights.  Pack.

And the most important game of the week:

The Joey Lions (palestinmiami) vs. balldroppers (fruffy) – After a 1-2 start, the balldroppers have won 4 straight in convincing fashion and now sit just one game behind the first place Lions.  We’re both relying heavily on our benches due to bye issues, both my starting RB’s (Edge and Willis) and Romo for the bad guys are sitting.  If my QB’s play like they have been I don’t see how he can win, especially with Gore being banged up and Andre Davis remaining in his line-up after being a late scratch.  Muah-hahahahha.  balldroppers!

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