Gotta Catch ’em All!


Pictured above are the 3 mascots for the 2010 Olympic games taking place in Vancouver. 

“Quatchi is a young sasquatch with a long brown beard and blue earmuffs, while Miga is a snowboarding sea-bear — part killer whale and part kermode bear.

And Sumi is a spirit animal that flies with the wings of a native thunderbird.” 

Makes sense.  I can’t help but wonder if the design of these little woodland critters was somehow influenced by either the proximity of Vancouver to Japan, or by the large amounts of good cannibus I hear is available in the area.  Either way, we’ll be seeing a lot of them in the coming years here in Canada so we’d better get used to Quatchi and the gang.

At least this is better than this random thing our neighbours to the south had for the 1996 games:



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Pick my Sac – Week 10 Re-cap

Wow I’m Lazy.  Ever since I’ve turned my life around by joining the corporate world, the last thing I’ve wanted to do when I get home is look at a computer.  Combine this with palestinmiami being in Peru and this place is falling apart.  Luckily, I just used my newly minted excel skills to tally up our records in the exciting game we’ve dubbed: “Pick my Sac.”  We’ve both missed one week which hurts both our ego’s and street cred but at least we’re both retarded.  Here’s how it’s gone so far:

Week 2: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 3: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 4: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 5: Palest 9-5, Fruffy 11-3

Week 6: Palest 9-4, Fruffy 8-5

Week 7: Palest 11-3, Fruffy 10-4

Week 8: Palest 11-2, Fuffy 12-1

Week 9: Palest 9-5, Fruffy 10-4

Week 10: Palest 0-14, Fruffy 8-6

Week 11: Palest 10-4, Fruffy 0-14

Current Records: Palest 86-58, Fruffy 89-55

It’s a pretty close battle thus far so stay tuned to see who wins what ever we bet.

Remaining Week 12 Picks: N’awlins, Tennessee, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Kansas City, NYG, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Chicago, San Diego, New England and Pittsburgh.

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I forgot to put my picks up again.  I’m going to count up our respective records tonight (maybe) and am going to take the 0-16 from last week.  Hopefully that will make it a more enjoyable battle from here on out anyways. 

I know I’m a little late on the first game but I would never pick God’s team over the Pack.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m far too much of an athiest to pick that group of Bible-thumpers. 

Pack, Boys and Colts today, the rest of the week to come.

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Tartan Tragedy

Yesterday Scotland played Italy in a key Euro 2008 qualifier.  All the Scots needed to do was tie and they made it in to the tournament.  Italy scored first and started to just sit back and defend like they always do.  Normally, one would just about give up on the opponent having a chance against the Italians, but Scotland was playing well and scored in the 65th minute.  The crowd was going absolutely crazy anticipating their first trip to a major tournament in ten years.  All they had to was play out the last 25 minutes for a tie, and it seemed like this was going to be the case.  Then, in the 90th minute, this happened: 

I think Italy is again becoming my most hated team as Ronaldo, Nani, and their ludicrous stepovers are cooling my disdain towards the diving/arguing masters, the Portuguese. 

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Greetings from Lima

So I{m taking some vacation time and I{m in Peru.  I promise this is the last that you]ll hear from me until I get back but right now I{m sitting in the Lima airport waiting on a 3 hour layover and I figured I{d hammer a little something out.  Anyway the airport is way busier at almost 2 am than any other airport Ive been to recently.  I dont have too much else to report beyond getting a new Casio calculator watch from target for the trip.  Ill put up some pictures when I get back.



Picks for week the next two weeks;

Week 11~ Cleveland. Jacksonville, Philadelphia. Minnesota. Indy. Green Bay. GMEN. Atlanta. New Orleans. Cincinnati. Pittsburgh. Seattle. St. Louis. Dallas.  New England. Tennessee.

Week 12.  Detroit.  Dallas.  Indy. Seattle. GMEN. Jacksonville.  New Orleans.  Washington. Cleveland. Cincinnati. KC. Arizona. San Diego. Denver. Mew England.  Pittsburgh.

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My personal apology from Marion (Doesn’t he look sorry?)


With the always increasing popularity of fantasy sports, the average fan may sometimes wonder whether or not it factors into a players mind at all.  Well, for what I believe may be the first time, we have an answer

I find this piece especially pertinent as I’m a Marion Gaborik owner in one of my leagues, which coincidentally I’m getting killed in.  I appreciate his apology immensely.  It’s not going to help me win the league but at least I know that he feels for me. 

This article points out something that is rapidly becoming a different side of the sports landscape.  Players are not only accountable to fans of their own team, but also to a potentially larger group of fantasy owners.  Gaborik may be happy if the Wild win a game even if he doesn’t register a point.  Conversely, I’m brimming with joy if he pots a hat-trick regardless of the outcome of the game.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to cheer against a team I like or had such conflicting interests that I found it impossible to watch. 

I’m glad Marion was man enough to apologize, even though he shirks all the blame onto the upper brass.  I just hope that my apologies from Marc Bulger, Stephen Jackson, Matt Leinart and Christobal Huet are in the mail.

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I want to see Jiri dong.


A Toronto Maple Leafs call up has made a mistake done something stupid.  Naked pictures of Leafs part time forward player Jiri Tlusty have surfaced on the Internet today.  Apparently the kid pulled a Jeff Reed and showed a little hog in the mirror.  This news is devastating for the Leafs who were really hoping that his 13  regular season OHL goals would end the Leafs 40 year Stanley Cup drought.  Not only have I not seen the pictures, but before today I didn’t even know who Jiri was.  Here’s to hoping the Leafs will be able to put this mess behind them and continue their season slide away from playoff contention.

Update:  At least he’s sorry.

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