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Week 13 Picks

Tennessee over Houston, Indy over Jacksonville, San Diego over KC, St. Louis over Hotlanta, Jets over Fins, Detroit over Minny, Seattle over Philly, Buffalo over Skins, Carolina over SF, Denver over Oakland, Cleveland over Zona, G-Men over Chicago, TB over Nawlins, Pittsburgh over Cincy, NE over Baltimore. 

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Don’t taser me bro, I read the Sports Guy


So by now everyone has seen the jackass who got a shock at the John Kerry speech.  I don’t want to get too into the politics of the whole situation, but you’ve got to be crazy if from watching the video you couldn’t predict that he was going to get shocked (it’s called resisting arrest pal).  It’s not so much that I feel like he deserved it, or that I think the cops couldn’t have gotten him out without violence, it’s just that that’s what happens when you mess around with cops… they fuck you up.  I know this because I tend to be the type of person who messes around with cops after they tell you to stop messing around and as a result I’ve been hit on at least a couple occasions.  I suppose the difference is that why I got hit it was because I had been doing something inappropriate before or after drinking cheap wine / gasoline, and when I woke up I usually felt like it was my own fault.  Since the last time I was hit though I realized that cops are people of authority and people of authority tend to get pissy when their authority is ignored.  So I’ve decided that in the future I’m no longer going to be a smart ass around police officers.

Anyway what I actually wanted to write about is that apparently Andrew Meyers is a huge fan of super douche / lazy blogster  Bill Simmons.

Before I get started, I wanted to acknowledge that yes, I read Bill Simmons. He is in fact my favorite sports writer. But let me be clear: I am not stealing his opinions, and I never will.

At this point I’m wondering what there is to steal from Sports guy.  I suppose that he has cornered the market on J.D. Drew jokes, and … well I guess that’s it.  Simmons has become a farce.  He for some reason acts too big for his britches and has stopped writing in his blog regularly.   He’s also become “Hollywood” after all the guy does hangout with C-listers Jimmy Kimble and Adam Corella.  To save himself from actually doing any real work he’s taken to doing a podcast that is so bad I haven’t been able to make it through a single one yet.  I read on a message board an analogy that I thought was great, reading Sports Guy posts has become almost Pavlovian, I don’t read them because I expect to be entertained, I read them because I see the link on the ESPN homepage.  I really hope that he can pull it together, and write some new stuff that captures whatever it was that he had a couple of years ago, but it has literally been at least 6 months since I have ready anything interesting from him.

The fact that Meyer is a fan doesn’t surprise me at all.  Both are lazy.  Meyer didn’t wait in line to ask his question, Simmons posts once every two weeks.  Both believe that they are more important than they actually are.  Meyer can be seen leading a protest here, while Simmons feeling of self worth is so high he is attempting to turn phone calls with his friends into a podcast.  Finally both irritate me.  I hope that these two can enjoy each others company somewhere far far away from me.

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