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Week 14 Picks

Buffalo over Miami, Cincy over St. Louis, Dallas over Detroit, Green Bay over Oakland, Tennessee over SD, Philly over Giants, Jacksonville over Carolina, TB over Houston, Minny over San Fran, Zona over Seattle, Denver over KC, Pittsburgh over NE, Cleveland over Jets, Indy over Baltimore, and NO over Atlanta in what should be the best Monday Nighter of the season.  HA.


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Week 13 Picks

Tennessee over Houston, Indy over Jacksonville, San Diego over KC, St. Louis over Hotlanta, Jets over Fins, Detroit over Minny, Seattle over Philly, Buffalo over Skins, Carolina over SF, Denver over Oakland, Cleveland over Zona, G-Men over Chicago, TB over Nawlins, Pittsburgh over Cincy, NE over Baltimore. 

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Pick it!

This game could be a really good one.  The two teams involved are clearly the toast of the NFC and the QB comparisons are very evident.  Apparently it’s only on the NFL Network in the U.S. which is making people crazy.  I’ve been feeling that pain for a couple years now with the Maple Leafs airing some of their games solely on Leafs TV.  It’s frankly bullshit but I can only see it getting worse in the near future.   Thankfully I didn’t order Leafs TV this year because I’d clearly be kicking myself with the way things are going.  In fact, I’m considering boycotting the team all together due to their long history of deficient management and play. 

 I’ll get to the point.  Tonight I think that Brett will really get up for the National audience and deliver a typical historic performance.  I’m on this feel-good story’s bandwagon big-time!  Go Pack!

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Pick my Sac – Week 10 Re-cap

Wow I’m Lazy.  Ever since I’ve turned my life around by joining the corporate world, the last thing I’ve wanted to do when I get home is look at a computer.  Combine this with palestinmiami being in Peru and this place is falling apart.  Luckily, I just used my newly minted excel skills to tally up our records in the exciting game we’ve dubbed: “Pick my Sac.”  We’ve both missed one week which hurts both our ego’s and street cred but at least we’re both retarded.  Here’s how it’s gone so far:

Week 2: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 3: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 4: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 5: Palest 9-5, Fruffy 11-3

Week 6: Palest 9-4, Fruffy 8-5

Week 7: Palest 11-3, Fruffy 10-4

Week 8: Palest 11-2, Fuffy 12-1

Week 9: Palest 9-5, Fruffy 10-4

Week 10: Palest 0-14, Fruffy 8-6

Week 11: Palest 10-4, Fruffy 0-14

Current Records: Palest 86-58, Fruffy 89-55

It’s a pretty close battle thus far so stay tuned to see who wins what ever we bet.

Remaining Week 12 Picks: N’awlins, Tennessee, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Kansas City, NYG, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Chicago, San Diego, New England and Pittsburgh.

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I’m Late . . . Not Pregnant! You dodged a bullet there Mr. Leinart.

No chance I would give you the satisfaction of taking the lead. I am sorry that I haven’t really been pulling my weight lately. Just enjoying my last week of freedom before I am officially employed again. The good news is, once I’m working I’ll probably have a lot more time to spend on this crappy site. Pick on!

St. Louis @ Baltimore – St. Louis is the biggest disappointment in the history of the NFL. Having Bulger and Jackson on the same fantasy team has pretty much ruined my life. I hope they never win a game, ever. Ravens

Minnesota @ Chicago – Chicago is coming off a pretty big win over GB last week and will look to keep the pattern vs. the Vikings. If they can keep their front 7 fresh and quick, they should be able to counter the Vikings running attack which I presume will be featured quite prominently in this game. Bears

Washington @ GB – Can the Pack bounce back? The ‘Skins looked great against the Lions last week, shutting down their high-scoring offense almost completely. I think they could keep surprising people all season including this victory in Lambeau. ‘Skins

Miami @ Cleveland – EEEWWWW. I’ll take the Turds.

Cincinnati @ KC – I really want the Bengals to put up about a hundred points. So what will probably happen is LJ finally snaps out of it and runs for 250 and a bunch of TD’s. I can’t help but take my Bungals.

Tennessee @ TB – This might be my favourite game of the week. I think both these teams will make big pushes to make the playoffs and this will be a good test for both. Tennessee will be hammering the ball down their throats all day and I’m not sure the Bucs D will be able to handle it. Also, Vince Young just wins football games. Fuck it, I got a feeling. Bucs

Philly @ J-E-T-S! – Someone’s going to have to win their second game here. I know both teams have been trying really hard to blow the season but Philly may still have dreams of a postseason. If they do, they better look good against the lowly Jets and start playing with some consistency. Eagles

Houston @ Jacksonville – This should be a close game. I think which ever team comes in with a better game-plan to exploit the other’s weaknesses will be victorious. I think it will be easy to exploit the fact that no one except Demeco Ryans plays defense on the Texans. Jags

Carolina @ Arizona – This is how desperate I am for a QB in one of my fantasy leagues. I looked to see if I could pick up Vinny Testaverde all week. He didn’t become available in time, oh well he’ll probably get negative points anyways. And if he doesn’t start, Carr will definitely be sub-zero. I just love the Cards.

New England @ Dallas – After the way Romo played in Buffalo I think most will be picking the Pats here. I’m not so sure. I think Romo might be able to rally his troops and get up for what many are billing as a Superbowl preview. You won’t hear me say this again. Let’s go TO! Cowboys

Oakland @ San Diego – I don’t know what the hell Norv Turner is doing down there but if the Chargers play anything like they did last week the Raiders won’t be leaving happy. It is just as likely that they will do absolutely nothing on offense somehow and lose a close one. This team is annoyingly inconsistent. I’m trying to pick winners here for Christs sake. Chargers

New Orleans @ Seattle – Whats that Drew? You remember how to play quarterback? Thats fantastic, please upset the Seahawks now. Ok skip! Saints

G-men @ Atlanta – Judging by the Bills performance last monday, some terrible teams just get up for big games. Can Joey Harrington show Trent Edwards-like abilities. Nope. I think I’ll take the Giants.

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Sac Picker’s Anonymous, Ed. 5

Since I’m busy enjoying the cottage life I will keep this short and sweet as well.

Cleveland @ NE – Cleveland is looking like the giant killers of the year with wins over Baltimore and Cincy.  The difference between those and this game is the divisional rivalry.  New England is just too strong and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they do go undefeated.  New England

Seattle @ Pittsburgh – In a rematch the Superbowl two years ago, two 3-1 teams should test each other well.  It should be a tight game and if it’s in Seattle I think I give them the edge but here I like Pittsburgh.

Carolina @ New Orleans – This could be the game where NO gets on track.  Deuce is a huge loss but I think Stecker can be a useful foil for Bush as well.  Carolina’s D has looked nothing like it’s former self and Drew Brees can make decent defenses look terrible, at least he could last year.  New Orleans

Detroit @ Washington – Detroit continues to surprise and bounced back well last week against da Bears.  I don’t think Washington has the tools on D to stop all the weapons on the Lions.  There are a lot of tools on the ‘Skins D, just not the right kind.  Lions

Jets @ Giants – Chad Pennington throws like a girl.  Plax is pretty unstoppable.  For those keeping track, he only has one less TD than Randy thus far even though he hasn’t been getting nearly as much hype.  Kerry Rhodes and the rest of the Jets DB’s will face a big challenge.  For all the shit Eli takes, I don’t think he’s been playing that badly, he just looks kinda funny.  Giants

Miami @ Houston – Houston looked like a bad team against bad competition last weekend.  They face an 0-4 challenger in Miami and if they play down to them could pick up another loss.  I think they will be looking to show people that the Atlanta game was just a hiccup.  Texans

Atlanta @ Tennessee – Joey has been coming on the last two weeks but Tennessee is a far bigger test than Houston.  Falcons fans will be having flashbacks to the Vick glory days as Vince runs through their D at will.  I still like the Titans to make a serious playoff push and they won’t let the lowly Falcons slow them down.  Titans

Jacksonville @ KC – I still can’t believe that SD lost to the Cheifs.  Resnarkulous.  They are now tied for the Division lead.  The AFC west is junk!  I could care less about this game and will take Cheifs only because of Dwayne Bowe.  I hate everyone else on the team but he could be the real deal.  KC

Arizona @ St. Louis – This game is a personal heartbreaker for me.  St. Louis has been the bane of my fantasy existence so far and now Bulger is out.  Arizona has lost two tough ones and could be even better than their franchise tying 2-2 best start.  I really enjoy the Cards and I’m pretty sure the forces that be will make sure Gus Frerotte ruins my life by lighting it up and stealing Bulgers job for the remainder of the season, and embarrasing the Cards.  That being said, I got the Cards.

TB @ Indy – Both teams are pretty banged up although Pittman should make TB miss Cadillac a little less.  Tampa Bay will hopefully make a game of it but I have to go with Indy.

San Diego @ Denver – Who knows who will show up for this game. LT looked almost like his old self in the first half last week but they still managed to blow a 16-6 lead.  Denver is always tough at home but has been inconsistent thus far.  Could be a make or break game for both teams.  I think this one may come down to the end with the Chargers being the eventual winner.

Baltimore @ San Francisco – Trent Dilfer is old.  So is Steve McNair.  I think the difference in this game will be McGahee.  I think he can run all day against the Niners which will keep their D fresh for when it counts.  Ravens

Chicago @ Green Bay – If the Pack win this one I don’t think anyone will be able to deny that they are the force to be reckoned with in the division.  Brian Griese may be marginally better than Sexy but I doubt he can make the difference.  I’m with the Packers.

Dallas @ Beefalo – That’s what you get when you breed a cow with a bison.  Delicious!  The highest scoring offense this season is up against the depleted Bills D.  I like their chances.  A lot.  Cowboys

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Pick My Sac. Week 5

I’m super busy at work today so I’m going to try to keep this short, but here are my guesses picks for week 5

Cleveland @ New England-  New England isn’t going to win all of its games this year and this is exactly the type of game that they could lose.  Cleveland can put up points to keep up and New England has had a short week and has a game in Dallas next week.  That being said I don’t think the season is old enough yet for New England to be looking ahead if this were week 11 I’d probably take Cleveland but right now I’ll stick with New England… With the spread I’d take Cleveland though.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh – I don’t sea Pittsburgh losing two games in a row to the NFC West.  It has to be Pittsburgh

Carolina @ New Orleans – I’ve picked in every game this season and I’vbe been disappointed every time.  If they’re going to win a game all year their going to have to win this one though aren’t they.  I mean they’re at home against a team who is playing their second string QB after their bye week.  New Orleans.

Detroit @ Washington – Washington is coming off the bye and should be well prepared for the game but Detroit is really strong, and Washington’s D looked pretty bad last we saw against the Giants.  I’ll take the Lions.

Jets @ Giants –  If I can give you one guarantee this week it’s that New York will win this game. Kidding.  Giants.

Miami @ Houston –Can they fail forward and faster? Yes they can with a loss in Houston. Houston

Atlanta @ Tennessee – Vince Young wins football games. Period.  I don’t know if they’ll cover the 8.5 spread but they really should be an Atlanta team that isn’t very good.  Tennessee
Jacksonville @ Kansas City-  You couldn’t pay me to watch this game… Simply terrible.  This game really shows how mediocre a lot of the teams in the league are.  If Kanas City wins they could have a lead in their division.  Terrible.  Jacksonville.

Arizona @ St. Louis Another snoozer.  I’ll take Arizona and their Quarterback by committee.

Tampa Bay @ Indy – Last week I said that I was tired of getting fooled by Tampa, and then I saw that they were playing the Colts this week and almost picked against them again, before realizing that Marvin Harrison, Joe Addai, and Bob Sanders are all out.  Tampa Bay

San Diego @ Denver – While I think that the stat about Denver giving up 186 ypg on the ground is misleading because people run more on them than on any other team, I still think that any team giving up over 150 yards rushing a game won’t match up well with the Chargers.  San Diego.

 Baltimore @ San Fransisco –  I’m not sure, both teams have been pretty inconsistent so I’ll go with the home team.  San Fran

Chicago @ Green Bay- Green Bay has one of the best passing attacks in the league and Chicago’s secondary is banged up badly.  I’ll take Green Bay.  Keep in mind thought that if Green Bay wins this game it probably means that  Chicago won’t make the playoffs.

Dallas @ Buffalo – Who decided that Buffalo should be able to host a Monday night game?  If they were going to be allowed one shouldn’t it be in December to make the weather a factor?  This game is a shit sandwich.  Dallas. 

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