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Week 13 Picks

Tennessee over Houston, Indy over Jacksonville, San Diego over KC, St. Louis over Hotlanta, Jets over Fins, Detroit over Minny, Seattle over Philly, Buffalo over Skins, Carolina over SF, Denver over Oakland, Cleveland over Zona, G-Men over Chicago, TB over Nawlins, Pittsburgh over Cincy, NE over Baltimore. 


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Sac Picker’s Anonymous, Ed. 5

Since I’m busy enjoying the cottage life I will keep this short and sweet as well.

Cleveland @ NE – Cleveland is looking like the giant killers of the year with wins over Baltimore and Cincy.  The difference between those and this game is the divisional rivalry.  New England is just too strong and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they do go undefeated.  New England

Seattle @ Pittsburgh – In a rematch the Superbowl two years ago, two 3-1 teams should test each other well.  It should be a tight game and if it’s in Seattle I think I give them the edge but here I like Pittsburgh.

Carolina @ New Orleans – This could be the game where NO gets on track.  Deuce is a huge loss but I think Stecker can be a useful foil for Bush as well.  Carolina’s D has looked nothing like it’s former self and Drew Brees can make decent defenses look terrible, at least he could last year.  New Orleans

Detroit @ Washington – Detroit continues to surprise and bounced back well last week against da Bears.  I don’t think Washington has the tools on D to stop all the weapons on the Lions.  There are a lot of tools on the ‘Skins D, just not the right kind.  Lions

Jets @ Giants – Chad Pennington throws like a girl.  Plax is pretty unstoppable.  For those keeping track, he only has one less TD than Randy thus far even though he hasn’t been getting nearly as much hype.  Kerry Rhodes and the rest of the Jets DB’s will face a big challenge.  For all the shit Eli takes, I don’t think he’s been playing that badly, he just looks kinda funny.  Giants

Miami @ Houston – Houston looked like a bad team against bad competition last weekend.  They face an 0-4 challenger in Miami and if they play down to them could pick up another loss.  I think they will be looking to show people that the Atlanta game was just a hiccup.  Texans

Atlanta @ Tennessee – Joey has been coming on the last two weeks but Tennessee is a far bigger test than Houston.  Falcons fans will be having flashbacks to the Vick glory days as Vince runs through their D at will.  I still like the Titans to make a serious playoff push and they won’t let the lowly Falcons slow them down.  Titans

Jacksonville @ KC – I still can’t believe that SD lost to the Cheifs.  Resnarkulous.  They are now tied for the Division lead.  The AFC west is junk!  I could care less about this game and will take Cheifs only because of Dwayne Bowe.  I hate everyone else on the team but he could be the real deal.  KC

Arizona @ St. Louis – This game is a personal heartbreaker for me.  St. Louis has been the bane of my fantasy existence so far and now Bulger is out.  Arizona has lost two tough ones and could be even better than their franchise tying 2-2 best start.  I really enjoy the Cards and I’m pretty sure the forces that be will make sure Gus Frerotte ruins my life by lighting it up and stealing Bulgers job for the remainder of the season, and embarrasing the Cards.  That being said, I got the Cards.

TB @ Indy – Both teams are pretty banged up although Pittman should make TB miss Cadillac a little less.  Tampa Bay will hopefully make a game of it but I have to go with Indy.

San Diego @ Denver – Who knows who will show up for this game. LT looked almost like his old self in the first half last week but they still managed to blow a 16-6 lead.  Denver is always tough at home but has been inconsistent thus far.  Could be a make or break game for both teams.  I think this one may come down to the end with the Chargers being the eventual winner.

Baltimore @ San Francisco – Trent Dilfer is old.  So is Steve McNair.  I think the difference in this game will be McGahee.  I think he can run all day against the Niners which will keep their D fresh for when it counts.  Ravens

Chicago @ Green Bay – If the Pack win this one I don’t think anyone will be able to deny that they are the force to be reckoned with in the division.  Brian Griese may be marginally better than Sexy but I doubt he can make the difference.  I’m with the Packers.

Dallas @ Beefalo – That’s what you get when you breed a cow with a bison.  Delicious!  The highest scoring offense this season is up against the depleted Bills D.  I like their chances.  A lot.  Cowboys

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Pick My Sac. Week 5

I’m super busy at work today so I’m going to try to keep this short, but here are my guesses picks for week 5

Cleveland @ New England-  New England isn’t going to win all of its games this year and this is exactly the type of game that they could lose.  Cleveland can put up points to keep up and New England has had a short week and has a game in Dallas next week.  That being said I don’t think the season is old enough yet for New England to be looking ahead if this were week 11 I’d probably take Cleveland but right now I’ll stick with New England… With the spread I’d take Cleveland though.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh – I don’t sea Pittsburgh losing two games in a row to the NFC West.  It has to be Pittsburgh

Carolina @ New Orleans – I’ve picked in every game this season and I’vbe been disappointed every time.  If they’re going to win a game all year their going to have to win this one though aren’t they.  I mean they’re at home against a team who is playing their second string QB after their bye week.  New Orleans.

Detroit @ Washington – Washington is coming off the bye and should be well prepared for the game but Detroit is really strong, and Washington’s D looked pretty bad last we saw against the Giants.  I’ll take the Lions.

Jets @ Giants –  If I can give you one guarantee this week it’s that New York will win this game. Kidding.  Giants.

Miami @ Houston –Can they fail forward and faster? Yes they can with a loss in Houston. Houston

Atlanta @ Tennessee – Vince Young wins football games. Period.  I don’t know if they’ll cover the 8.5 spread but they really should be an Atlanta team that isn’t very good.  Tennessee
Jacksonville @ Kansas City-  You couldn’t pay me to watch this game… Simply terrible.  This game really shows how mediocre a lot of the teams in the league are.  If Kanas City wins they could have a lead in their division.  Terrible.  Jacksonville.

Arizona @ St. Louis Another snoozer.  I’ll take Arizona and their Quarterback by committee.

Tampa Bay @ Indy – Last week I said that I was tired of getting fooled by Tampa, and then I saw that they were playing the Colts this week and almost picked against them again, before realizing that Marvin Harrison, Joe Addai, and Bob Sanders are all out.  Tampa Bay

San Diego @ Denver – While I think that the stat about Denver giving up 186 ypg on the ground is misleading because people run more on them than on any other team, I still think that any team giving up over 150 yards rushing a game won’t match up well with the Chargers.  San Diego.

 Baltimore @ San Fransisco –  I’m not sure, both teams have been pretty inconsistent so I’ll go with the home team.  San Fran

Chicago @ Green Bay- Green Bay has one of the best passing attacks in the league and Chicago’s secondary is banged up badly.  I’ll take Green Bay.  Keep in mind thought that if Green Bay wins this game it probably means that  Chicago won’t make the playoffs.

Dallas @ Buffalo – Who decided that Buffalo should be able to host a Monday night game?  If they were going to be allowed one shouldn’t it be in December to make the weather a factor?  This game is a shit sandwich.  Dallas. 

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AFC Preview from the sac

I’m going to attempt to quickly break down the way I think the AFC will finish this season.  Lets get one thing straight, I’m not doing this so that you will gain any sort of insight whatsoever.  I’m going to do this so that in the off chance I’m right, I’ll be able to look back and tell everyone how smart I am.  If I’m off by a long shot I’m pretty sure no one will remember reading this.  I’m not feeling a lot of pressure here so lets get it started.

AFC East

1. Pats – I know, I’m already going out on a limb here.  It’s gonna get crazy.

2. Jets – I heard Chad has been working on his arm strength and can now throw like a 10, not 8 year old girl.

3. Bills – I think this could be a breakout season for J.P.  What does that mean?  Nothing really, at least they get to play in Buffalo!

4. Dolphins – Trent Green is so old.  Just look at him….He’s so old.  Their back-ups name is Cleo Lemon though.  That’s a perk!

AFC West

1. Whale’s Vaginas – I know, another huge surprise.  L.T. is just so damn good and Rivers is going to look better as well.

2. Broncos – If Travis Henry can manage to feed all his children and keep his mind on the game they’re gold.

3. Raiders – People’s expectations of Daunte couldn’t possibly be lower.  Anything positive he does will be a huge lift.

4. Chiefs – They suck plain and simple.  L.J. is all they have and he’s overrated and overused.  Bye bye Herm.

AFC North

1. Ravens – Willis McGahee saves them and my fantasy season.  Please don’t hit him in the knee.

2. Bengals – They’re my team but not having any legitimate defense players will really hurt them in the long run.

3. Browns – Brady Quinn is starting by week 5 and everyone in Miami throws up in their mouths a little.

4. Steelers – I don’t think they can rebound from the Steely McBeem debacle.

AFC South

1. Colts – If they give up less than 50 points a game they can win every week.

2. Titans – Vince Young will end the Madden Curse emphatically.  He has no idea what that word means but he agrees.

3. Texans – They will finally start being more than a laughing stock.  Mario Williams will have at least 25 sacks.

4. Jags – After Mo-Jo goes down with an injury I laugh at everyone who picked him too high in their fantasy draft. 

In my mind the division winners are all pretty much locks.  The Ravens are the shakiest of the four especially since they have the hardest divisional games in my opinion.  As far as Wildcards I like the Titans and Broncos.  I don’t have to have reasons dammit.  I’ll pick San Diego to come out of the AFC because I think their defense has the ability to shut down the Colts while their offense can definitely put up the points as well.  So there you have it.  At the end of the season I’ll either be gloating wildly or completely silent hoping no one read this garbage in the first place.


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A view from the top.

As mentioned below this Sunday was much better than any religious holiday could ever be; we had our fantasy draft.  Fluffy mentioned that I was back in Canada for the weekend.  I had to go to a wedding and while that was the premise of the trip, the real reason I followed through was for this draft.  There is little better than drinking beer, eating pizza and attempting to verbally defecate all over the psyche of some of your best friends.

I’ve had almost a week to let it sink in and the confidence that I have in my team is through the roof.  I should warn everyone though that this doesn’t mean anything, when it comes to fantasy my confidence always seems to be through the roof.  Last year at this time I considered myself a Championship lock and I finished in a disheartening sixth place.  Generally I do well in fantasy sports and this sixth was the worst finish I can remember having in any league (aside from the time someone convinced me to try fantasy nascar).  I should also note that while this confidence does approach cockiness, I feel that it is acceptable if for no other reason than because I spend far more time than is healthy following all things sports (racing doesn’t count as a sport) and because I obsess about my players as if they were my own children, albeit children I can get rid of if a better kid comes along.

I guess I’ll explain how the draft went for me now:  My keepers this year were Frank Gore and Stephen Jackson.  I was able to get both of these players because one guy stupidly dropped Gore early in the season because of bye week trouble.  With these two workhorses holding down the front end of my team I figured that I needed to go after two stud receivers in the first two rounds of the draft.  I was really hoping to get Marvin Harrison but he was taken early and I ended up landing Tory Holt in the first round, in the second round I was shocked to find out that Reggie Wayne had somehow (because of Honest Abe: see below) slipped  back to me.  The reason for this slip became clear in the next round, since our league has 12 teams and we start 2 quarterbacks, top QBs tend to go quickly.  In the next two rounds I tried to salvage what was left of the quarterback crop and ended up with the mediocre Tony Romo, and the potentially franchise killing Jason Campbell.  Jason Campbell was my “Joey Galloway”, I tried to defend the pick but I’m not sure if it is possible.  I imagine that he’ll be serviceable but I probably could have gotten him five rounds later and I realized this because when I drafted him the room went silent until someone coming over the speaker phone said “Is he a tight end?”  I rebounded well from this blunder taking Adrian Peterson, Chis Chambers, Jerious Norwood, and Gregg Jennings over the next 5 rounds.   I think that this really makes up the core of a great team.  The last half of the draft had me filling up my bench with, Rex Grossman, Jason Witten, Brady Quinn, Carolina Defense, Ronald Curry and the Patriots kicker.

Like I said, I think that my team looks pretty strong and I’ve got a bunch of high upside players that may end up doing a lot.  Clearly the two weakest links on my team are the two Jason’s (Witten and Campbell) I think that if they can have semi-decent seasons you may hear back from me in a few months letting you know that I have won the KFC trophy seen below (yes in fact we are losers).

Here are some of the other highlights of the draft:

Tingles selecting Chicago defense as a keeper.  Then selecting a team full of journeymen and backups that would have been good in 2000 including: Hines Ward, Terry Glenn, Jamal Lewis, Ashlie Lelie, Lamont Jordan, Marty Booker, and Damon Huard.

Dilbert taking Tony Gonzalez- ahead of Antonio Gates, because he assumed Gates was a keeper so he didn’t even look to see if he was on the board.

Chippy taking Marques Colston, Eli Manning, and Joe Horn with his first three picks after taking the full two and a half minutes each time.  Needless to say Chippy was unprepared and had a lot of Joey Galloway moments at the front end of the draft.

Life long Bills fan Honest Abe taking JP Losman in the second round because he was afraid “someone would take him just to screw with me.”

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Better than Christmas, and Assorted other Religious/Ethnic Holidays


Last night was perhaps my favourite night of the entire year.  A time when friends come together and try to highlight each others stupidity and irrationality with witty and sometimes downright hurtful chirps.  A time when one can feel a certain blind confidence that the championship trophy will sit upon one’s mantle next off-season.  That’s right I’m talking fantasy football draft night.  This league is 12 teams, 2 keepers, and composed of a bunch of buddy’s that I used to share a vocational calling with including the palest man in Miami, a fellow contributer here at Sacs in the City.  He was in town this weekend so was able to attend the draft, however we had three separate phones on speaker to accomodate those who couldn’t make the trip. 

Here’s how the draft went down:  there were two expansion franchises so each got two picks before the real draft started because they didn’t have keeper.  I kept Drew Brees and Larry Fitzgerald because my running backs were a shit storm last year.  I had Julius Jones and Fred Taylor who ran for decent yardage but had all their TD’s stolen by Marion Barber and Maurice Jones-Drew respectively.  I was definitely planning on taking RB’s with my first two picks and if possible guys that won’t have to share touches.  The first four players taken were Jones-Drew, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb and Laurence Maroney.  I had the second overall pick after this and was hoping that the wild turkey with the first pick would take anything but a RB.  I was lucky and he took Marvelous Marvin which allowed me to nab Willis McGahee who I’m pretty high on this year in his new Baltimore digs.  A lot of people went WR or QB in the first and second rounds because they had kept 1 or even 2 RB’s.  I was able to grab the Edge with my second pick.  The only guy I passed on that I may come to regret was Ronnie Brown.  With my next two picks I went for Vincent Jackson and Reggie Brown.  I think both these Wide-outs have the potential to be solid number 1 guys this season.  I took Joey Galloway next.  I froze, I’m retarded.  I panicked a little because I thought it was a little early for me to go TE, defense or kicker and decided on him at the last second.  I grabbed San Diego’s D next, followed by LenDale White, Heath Miller, Santonio Holmes, Neil Rackers, Vernand Morency (a steal here), Daunte Culpepper and Owen Daniels.  

I’m really pumped with how my team turned out.  I love that we have huge benches because it means we have more picks and drafting is the most exciting part of the whole season, although it was definitely hard on the long-distance bills.  It’s inevitably only down hill from here.  I’ve been playing fantasy sports fairly fanatically for years and I can’t remember ever winning a league.  The real reason I’m sharing my picks is to warn you all few that there is a good chance any or all of them may have their worst season on record, a terrible injury or be suspended/jailed/executed for a wide variety or crimes.  I’m sure there will be lots more of my bitching about this team to come, so if you wish, just point out my stupid choices now to get a chance at being first.


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