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iPhone’s dirty, rotten, no-good marketing campaign.

A whole load of people watched Apples press conference today… How many? I’ m not really sure because I’m too lazy to run a google search to find out, but everything that Mac does is seen by a load of people. They announced the new generation of the iPod are going on sale and I have to admit that I am at least slightly wet for both the 160 GB iPod “classic” and the new iPod “touch”. While both of these products are pretty cool, I must say that there was an announcement at this conference that really irritated me.

Apple announced that they are reducing the cost of all models of the iPhone, by up to $200. Now I didn’t buy an iPhone so this probably shouldn’t really bother me, but I just don’t get how Apple can justify reducing the cost of a product that only came out 53 days ago. It’s not like the products sales and they need to liquidate warehouse space (industry experts claimed the company sold nearly 600,000 phones the first week). I’ve been thinking about it and I really can’t come up with any justification for this other than that Apple did this was because they realized that some people would pay any price for the product, but most of the consumer public would remain unwilling to buy a phone that would probably cost $300 per year of operation, and once the “pay anything” customers had their phones the sales would flat line big time. The problem with this of course is that the people who bought the phone when it first came out are likely the biggest supporters of Mac products. Isn’t this effectively little more than a kick in the balls to the people lined up to pay $600 for an iPhone at the end of June? The logic that any company must employ to think that screwing over it’s most loyal customers is beyond me. I haven’t seen business ethics this skewed since four years ago when the RIAA started suing high school kids for downloading music illegally. At least the RIAA had the law on its side. The funny thing is I really believed that if the company waited until around Christmas and reduced the price then (and perhaps released a red iPhone or something) they would have walked away from this ordeal looking like a model company, instead they only look greedy.

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iPhone: turning grown men into children since 2007

The reason i hate the iphone, and most Apple technology, is because people become children when the use it. I mean the iphone does do some cool stuff but in the end it’s just a phone. I actually watched a guy who was playing with his I iphone ask someone standing right beside him to call him from about a foot away. I mean it is a phone so of course the call went through. When it started ringing people people all around this guy became very impressed. After a lot of Ewwwws and Awwwwws phone while still connected to the call was passed around to 7 or 8 people. Each person took their turn having a silly 30 second conversation, but I guess that because the two phones were so close to one another there was an echo. The funniest thing was that no one could figure out why the echo was happening and they equated it to a bad phone. The look on the owners face was hilarious, he was crushed until someone said that it was probably that the two phones were too close together. The owner of the iphone sheepishly took his toy back and walked away. It was the sorriest display of consumerism I’ve ever seen

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