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Week 14 Picks

Buffalo over Miami, Cincy over St. Louis, Dallas over Detroit, Green Bay over Oakland, Tennessee over SD, Philly over Giants, Jacksonville over Carolina, TB over Houston, Minny over San Fran, Zona over Seattle, Denver over KC, Pittsburgh over NE, Cleveland over Jets, Indy over Baltimore, and NO over Atlanta in what should be the best Monday Nighter of the season.  HA.

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Week 13 Picks

Tennessee over Houston, Indy over Jacksonville, San Diego over KC, St. Louis over Hotlanta, Jets over Fins, Detroit over Minny, Seattle over Philly, Buffalo over Skins, Carolina over SF, Denver over Oakland, Cleveland over Zona, G-Men over Chicago, TB over Nawlins, Pittsburgh over Cincy, NE over Baltimore. 

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Pick it!

This game could be a really good one.  The two teams involved are clearly the toast of the NFC and the QB comparisons are very evident.  Apparently it’s only on the NFL Network in the U.S. which is making people crazy.  I’ve been feeling that pain for a couple years now with the Maple Leafs airing some of their games solely on Leafs TV.  It’s frankly bullshit but I can only see it getting worse in the near future.   Thankfully I didn’t order Leafs TV this year because I’d clearly be kicking myself with the way things are going.  In fact, I’m considering boycotting the team all together due to their long history of deficient management and play. 

 I’ll get to the point.  Tonight I think that Brett will really get up for the National audience and deliver a typical historic performance.  I’m on this feel-good story’s bandwagon big-time!  Go Pack!

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Pick my Sac – Week 10 Re-cap

Wow I’m Lazy.  Ever since I’ve turned my life around by joining the corporate world, the last thing I’ve wanted to do when I get home is look at a computer.  Combine this with palestinmiami being in Peru and this place is falling apart.  Luckily, I just used my newly minted excel skills to tally up our records in the exciting game we’ve dubbed: “Pick my Sac.”  We’ve both missed one week which hurts both our ego’s and street cred but at least we’re both retarded.  Here’s how it’s gone so far:

Week 2: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 3: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 4: Palest 9-7, Fruffy 10-6

Week 5: Palest 9-5, Fruffy 11-3

Week 6: Palest 9-4, Fruffy 8-5

Week 7: Palest 11-3, Fruffy 10-4

Week 8: Palest 11-2, Fuffy 12-1

Week 9: Palest 9-5, Fruffy 10-4

Week 10: Palest 0-14, Fruffy 8-6

Week 11: Palest 10-4, Fruffy 0-14

Current Records: Palest 86-58, Fruffy 89-55

It’s a pretty close battle thus far so stay tuned to see who wins what ever we bet.

Remaining Week 12 Picks: N’awlins, Tennessee, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Kansas City, NYG, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Chicago, San Diego, New England and Pittsburgh.

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I forgot to put my picks up again.  I’m going to count up our respective records tonight (maybe) and am going to take the 0-16 from last week.  Hopefully that will make it a more enjoyable battle from here on out anyways. 

I know I’m a little late on the first game but I would never pick God’s team over the Pack.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m far too much of an athiest to pick that group of Bible-thumpers. 

Pack, Boys and Colts today, the rest of the week to come.

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My personal apology from Marion (Doesn’t he look sorry?)


With the always increasing popularity of fantasy sports, the average fan may sometimes wonder whether or not it factors into a players mind at all.  Well, for what I believe may be the first time, we have an answer

I find this piece especially pertinent as I’m a Marion Gaborik owner in one of my leagues, which coincidentally I’m getting killed in.  I appreciate his apology immensely.  It’s not going to help me win the league but at least I know that he feels for me. 

This article points out something that is rapidly becoming a different side of the sports landscape.  Players are not only accountable to fans of their own team, but also to a potentially larger group of fantasy owners.  Gaborik may be happy if the Wild win a game even if he doesn’t register a point.  Conversely, I’m brimming with joy if he pots a hat-trick regardless of the outcome of the game.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to cheer against a team I like or had such conflicting interests that I found it impossible to watch. 

I’m glad Marion was man enough to apologize, even though he shirks all the blame onto the upper brass.  I just hope that my apologies from Marc Bulger, Stephen Jackson, Matt Leinart and Christobal Huet are in the mail.

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Something’s wicked in the state of Argentina


What the hell is going on in Argentina right now?  We have had two of our best days here at Sacs in the City in the past two days mostly due to this post that I wrote a hell of a long time ago.  Most are getting to it through searching “Argentina.”  This has raised some serious questions in my mind.  Did Argentina just get it’s first shipment of computers or did it take this long for the news of the interweb to float down to the Southern Hemisphere?  Or, are people just very curious about Argentina right now?  If, so why?  I want some answers dammit!

Regardless, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans in Argentina for their un-dying support.  We will always love you and your country.  We also would like to send our condolences in of any tragedy that may or may not be going on there. 

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