Tartan Tragedy

Yesterday Scotland played Italy in a key Euro 2008 qualifier.  All the Scots needed to do was tie and they made it in to the tournament.  Italy scored first and started to just sit back and defend like they always do.  Normally, one would just about give up on the opponent having a chance against the Italians, but Scotland was playing well and scored in the 65th minute.  The crowd was going absolutely crazy anticipating their first trip to a major tournament in ten years.  All they had to was play out the last 25 minutes for a tie, and it seemed like this was going to be the case.  Then, in the 90th minute, this happened: 

I think Italy is again becoming my most hated team as Ronaldo, Nani, and their ludicrous stepovers are cooling my disdain towards the diving/arguing masters, the Portuguese. 

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  1. Man, those I-talians really got away with one. Totally lame play.

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