Greetings from Lima

So I{m taking some vacation time and I{m in Peru.  I promise this is the last that you]ll hear from me until I get back but right now I{m sitting in the Lima airport waiting on a 3 hour layover and I figured I{d hammer a little something out.  Anyway the airport is way busier at almost 2 am than any other airport Ive been to recently.  I dont have too much else to report beyond getting a new Casio calculator watch from target for the trip.  Ill put up some pictures when I get back.



Picks for week the next two weeks;

Week 11~ Cleveland. Jacksonville, Philadelphia. Minnesota. Indy. Green Bay. GMEN. Atlanta. New Orleans. Cincinnati. Pittsburgh. Seattle. St. Louis. Dallas.  New England. Tennessee.

Week 12.  Detroit.  Dallas.  Indy. Seattle. GMEN. Jacksonville.  New Orleans.  Washington. Cleveland. Cincinnati. KC. Arizona. San Diego. Denver. Mew England.  Pittsburgh.


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