My personal apology from Marion (Doesn’t he look sorry?)


With the always increasing popularity of fantasy sports, the average fan may sometimes wonder whether or not it factors into a players mind at all.  Well, for what I believe may be the first time, we have an answer

I find this piece especially pertinent as I’m a Marion Gaborik owner in one of my leagues, which coincidentally I’m getting killed in.  I appreciate his apology immensely.  It’s not going to help me win the league but at least I know that he feels for me. 

This article points out something that is rapidly becoming a different side of the sports landscape.  Players are not only accountable to fans of their own team, but also to a potentially larger group of fantasy owners.  Gaborik may be happy if the Wild win a game even if he doesn’t register a point.  Conversely, I’m brimming with joy if he pots a hat-trick regardless of the outcome of the game.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to cheer against a team I like or had such conflicting interests that I found it impossible to watch. 

I’m glad Marion was man enough to apologize, even though he shirks all the blame onto the upper brass.  I just hope that my apologies from Marc Bulger, Stephen Jackson, Matt Leinart and Christobal Huet are in the mail.


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One response to “My personal apology from Marion (Doesn’t he look sorry?)

  1. hendersun

    Is it just me who’s super slow or did it take anyone else years to figure out that the Minnesota Wild logo is shaped like cat/dog/monster face? I always thought it was just some blob with a weird drawing of the woods in it.

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