Something’s wicked in the state of Argentina


What the hell is going on in Argentina right now?  We have had two of our best days here at Sacs in the City in the past two days mostly due to this post that I wrote a hell of a long time ago.  Most are getting to it through searching “Argentina.”  This has raised some serious questions in my mind.  Did Argentina just get it’s first shipment of computers or did it take this long for the news of the interweb to float down to the Southern Hemisphere?  Or, are people just very curious about Argentina right now?  If, so why?  I want some answers dammit!

Regardless, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans in Argentina for their un-dying support.  We will always love you and your country.  We also would like to send our condolences in of any tragedy that may or may not be going on there. 


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