Guitar Queer-o…

…Is the title of tonight’s surely hilarious South Park episode about rocking out on fake plastic guitars.  I would recommend all to take a gander this evening to see how they lampoon one of our favourite games.  For those not familiar with the series – Guitar Hero, not South Park – check out Fluffy’s post from a few months back.  The third iteration of the game, entitled Legends of Rock, just appeared in stores a few weeks back.  I picked up a copy, but haven’t felt myself nearly as consumed by the game as I have been with previous titles.  I want, no, need more than just the guitar.  I need a full band.  This is where Harmonix’s Rock Band, the natural evolution in the genre of rhythm games, fits in.  With guitar, bass, drums, and a microphone, players will have the opportunity to either play one instrument by themselves or team up with three friends in their living room or online and play together.  To me, this sounds like the ultimate party game, though figuring out what loser’s going to play bass will definitely result in some fisticuffs.  The initial $170 investment and lack of a brand name will hurt the game a bit out of the gate, but ultimately this series is the future of fake music playing.  Harmonix is also promising tonnes of downloadable content, including full albums by artists such as The Who.  Now if I could just decide between naming my fake band Herbivore Justice or Hendy and the Henderson’s, I’ll be well on my way.  All that’s left to do is count down the days (13) until I can play some serious Coheed (their track “Welcome Home” is included in the game).  Fruffy can you please kick me in the junk a few times so I can sound more like Claudio on the mic…

*This post was written by a good buddy of mine.  Since palestinmiami and myself are getting pretty lazy about posting we have decided to give him a trial run.  Feel free to shit bag him as much as you feel necessary.  Speaking of lazy, you’ll probably notice that I didn’t get around to throwing this up until after the episode aired.  Oooopps. I hope someone remembered to tune in without our endorsement.


 Question: When you’re dressed up as Slash on Halloween what else would you do on your lunch break?




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2 responses to “Guitar Queer-o…

  1. McInenly (Jeffrey C.)

    i most certainly will shitbag the asshole that wrote this post. while most of the guitar hero comments were accurate, since it is an obviously enjoyable game, the “loser-bass” comment was highly unnecessary. Bass players are the balls of the band. They are the sperm creation centre of the band, and without them, there would be no impregnation of chicks (which is equal to the creation of riff-tastic music). While this metaphorical comment may be somewhat abstract, who cares. As Deaner put it: the taste for the bass is like the taste for the spice on your tongue.

    This new blog writer needs to be fired immediately.

  2. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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