Kitna you Genius


Apparantly Jon Kitna took a little time off from trying to convert the entire NFL this week to offend as many people as he could.  This article should tell you all you need to know.  Here’s my favourite part:

“If I would’ve known this, I wouldn’t have done it because I didn’t want to try to bring attention to it,”

I think we can assume “this” is referring to the media attention the whole situation is getting.  My question is:  How is dressing up like that not going to draw attention to it?  Halloween is all about attention.  Plus he claims he was trying to win the costume contest.  That’s attention Jon.  People looking at you and asking you about your costume is attention.  Just ask any girl you saw last night dressed as a slutty version of some legitimate costume. (Angel, Devil, French Maid, Nurse, Cat, Power Ranger, Nun, etc.)

Now I just really want to know who dressed up as Kitna and his wife and how many crosses they were sporting combined.



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2 responses to “Kitna you Genius

  1. palestinmiami

    Kitna’s wife has a stronger and more masculine jaw than American Dad.

  2. I think a key issue is being missed. How do you end up in a Wendy’s drive thru naked in the first place? Here is how it went down according to a personal source of mine: “You “bring” (paid) someone home with you, you start getting down to business, and all of sudden – BAM – hunger hits. You NEED some Wendy’s. Knowing that you are paying by the hour here, you hop in your car and speed to WENDY’s – no time for clothes. I would love the argument, “officer, I wasn’t completely naked, I had a dome on”

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