Buffy does Fruffalo

As you may have seen, I was forced to text my picks in this week because I was in the left armpit of the U.S. to watch Willis’ return to Buffalo.  In a surprising plot twist, the man responsible for half (the hard part) of my birth went to the Miami gamelesson, unseating my aforementioned co-editor as the palest man in Miami for at least the first quarter. That is of course until the sun and beers combined to turn him a delicate shade of tomato.  My Dad praised palestinmiami for his hospitality and chugging abilities so if any of you are in the area be sure to look him up.  Here’s a little bit about my experience:

The highlights of our trip included staying at a wonderful resort (I give it 5 dead hookers out of 5,) eating chicken wings that tasted like fruits and garlic bread respectively, abusing the strength of the mighty loonie by purchasing a ridiculous amount of consumer goods and not paying doody, and drinking as many water-flavoured beers as possible.  This obviously was accompanied by the inevitable 5 p.m. hangover, made worse by waiting in line at the border, layered in cheap brand name dress clothing all the while insisting we were only in the country for a sporting event.  I guess that’s the price you pay to live the American dream, if only for the weekend.

In all seriousness, we had terrific seats which you will see from the ensuing photographs.


This is indicative of the welcome that Mr. McGahee (McLovin, McAsshole, McHatehim) received at the hands of Buffalonians young and old.  Someone was even kind enough to place his jersey in the trough in the men’s room so his return could be a warm one.


Here’s a man attempting to break Kobayashi’s record at half-time, in his seat, with no one watching.

In an unrelated story…..


This lady was doing her damnedest to distract me while I was just trying to watch the game.  I mean look at the placement of the breast cancer ribbon!  Exploiting mother nature’s gifts to bring attention to her cause.  Disgusting.


Here’s my friend Ray Lewis telling me to have a safe drive home after I told him what a fine and upstanding member of society I thought he was.

I guess you can’t really tell where we were sitting but I had to cut small sections of the pics because apparently my brother owns some insane sort of paparazzi device and I’m too lazy and stupid to figure out how to format them properly.  All in all it was a great trip, but I can’t wait for the Bills to move to Toronto so I will be able to do it 8 times a year.


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  1. McInenly (Jeffrey C.)

    the Kobayashi reference is perfect

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