So I got a text. (Pick my sac)

I got a text from Fruffy at11:17:14 AM on Sunday that simply said:

“Was, NO, BAL, NE, GMEN, DET, TENN, KC, CIN, DAL, PHIK, ST LOU, PITT, INDY. You having fun?”

I’m not sure if this should count towards our competition for a couple of reasons.

1. It wasn’t posted online

2. By being late Fruffy gives himself the incredible advantage of knowing the status of all game time decisions.

In the end I guess it counts… I’m just a little disappointed… step your game up fruf.



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4 responses to “So I got a text. (Pick my sac)

  1. fruffy

    I probably spent 50 bucks in long distance trying to find someone to post my picks for me since no computer machines exist in Buffalo. Your warning is noted however. I promise it won’t happen again friend.

  2. palestinmiami

    hahahaha. Imagine I was serious… Wow.

  3. Henderson

    The closest thing I saw to a computer in Buffalo was the lottery ticket vending machine in Wegman’s.

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