Blind people fear my car.

This article that I found today let me know that Blind people fear my car. Apparently the Prius is too quiet and it takes them by surprise when they are trying to J-Walk. This is the problem that I have with this; What are blind people doing J-Walking? If I were blind I think that I would take extra car to only cross on lights (which I’m not sure how I would see).

I don’t want to write too much more about this because I feel like I’m eventually going to say something inflammatory that I don’t actually mean and I’ll offend all both of our readers. accidentally inflammatory



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2 responses to “Blind people fear my car.

  1. Blind people fear your car – that is messed up of Toyota to make essentially a terrorist vehicle. Is Toyota secretly trying to eliminate the j-walking blind? Outrageous.

  2. Without an auditory signal to designate a street crossing, the congestion of sound produced by the melding of multi-directional traffic is a very good indicator of a crosswalk for me. When I first learned to navigate in public i thought how could i ever find the crossing light… Well, i have since learned how, sound is my guide. Not only the sound of the car but also the background sounds the body of the car blocks. I’ve only been blind one year and have learned this. So your car produces a sound block of sorts that is just as useful to me. And don’t be silly, it’s not really blind people j-walking, it just happens to be how we cross roads. Because, being blind you cannot “see” the crossing lights. But i can ” hear ” in more ways then one

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