I’m Late . . . Not Pregnant! You dodged a bullet there Mr. Leinart.

No chance I would give you the satisfaction of taking the lead. I am sorry that I haven’t really been pulling my weight lately. Just enjoying my last week of freedom before I am officially employed again. The good news is, once I’m working I’ll probably have a lot more time to spend on this crappy site. Pick on!

St. Louis @ Baltimore – St. Louis is the biggest disappointment in the history of the NFL. Having Bulger and Jackson on the same fantasy team has pretty much ruined my life. I hope they never win a game, ever. Ravens

Minnesota @ Chicago – Chicago is coming off a pretty big win over GB last week and will look to keep the pattern vs. the Vikings. If they can keep their front 7 fresh and quick, they should be able to counter the Vikings running attack which I presume will be featured quite prominently in this game. Bears

Washington @ GB – Can the Pack bounce back? The ‘Skins looked great against the Lions last week, shutting down their high-scoring offense almost completely. I think they could keep surprising people all season including this victory in Lambeau. ‘Skins

Miami @ Cleveland – EEEWWWW. I’ll take the Turds.

Cincinnati @ KC – I really want the Bengals to put up about a hundred points. So what will probably happen is LJ finally snaps out of it and runs for 250 and a bunch of TD’s. I can’t help but take my Bungals.

Tennessee @ TB – This might be my favourite game of the week. I think both these teams will make big pushes to make the playoffs and this will be a good test for both. Tennessee will be hammering the ball down their throats all day and I’m not sure the Bucs D will be able to handle it. Also, Vince Young just wins football games. Fuck it, I got a feeling. Bucs

Philly @ J-E-T-S! – Someone’s going to have to win their second game here. I know both teams have been trying really hard to blow the season but Philly may still have dreams of a postseason. If they do, they better look good against the lowly Jets and start playing with some consistency. Eagles

Houston @ Jacksonville – This should be a close game. I think which ever team comes in with a better game-plan to exploit the other’s weaknesses will be victorious. I think it will be easy to exploit the fact that no one except Demeco Ryans plays defense on the Texans. Jags

Carolina @ Arizona – This is how desperate I am for a QB in one of my fantasy leagues. I looked to see if I could pick up Vinny Testaverde all week. He didn’t become available in time, oh well he’ll probably get negative points anyways. And if he doesn’t start, Carr will definitely be sub-zero. I just love the Cards.

New England @ Dallas – After the way Romo played in Buffalo I think most will be picking the Pats here. I’m not so sure. I think Romo might be able to rally his troops and get up for what many are billing as a Superbowl preview. You won’t hear me say this again. Let’s go TO! Cowboys

Oakland @ San Diego – I don’t know what the hell Norv Turner is doing down there but if the Chargers play anything like they did last week the Raiders won’t be leaving happy. It is just as likely that they will do absolutely nothing on offense somehow and lose a close one. This team is annoyingly inconsistent. I’m trying to pick winners here for Christs sake. Chargers

New Orleans @ Seattle – Whats that Drew? You remember how to play quarterback? Thats fantastic, please upset the Seahawks now. Ok skip! Saints

G-men @ Atlanta – Judging by the Bills performance last monday, some terrible teams just get up for big games. Can Joey Harrington show Trent Edwards-like abilities. Nope. I think I’ll take the Giants.


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