Dirty Sac Picker week 6

As of right now the score sits at

Fruffy- 35-25

Palest 32-28

I can see myself making a huge jump in the near future when Fruffy forgets to get his picks in though.   Here are my thoughts on week 6.

Cin @ KC- is it possible that KC better than people thing and that Cincy is the type of team that everyone likes and yet never seems to win a game.  I’d say that it is entirely possible.  Taking that KC lost at home last week and is playing a team coming off the bye that is built for offense though I’ve got to take Cincy.

Hou @ Jac- This is the classic example of two teams that I know very little about going head to head.  I’m not going to speak on either team because of this but I’ll follow my rules and go with the home team Jacksonville.

Mia @ Cle –  I’m done taking Miami.  I think that Cleveland will be able to do whatever they want to the Dolphins defense.  Cleveland.

Was @ GB –  I really like Jason Campbell but I’m not sure that he is ready yet to play in Lambo.  This could end up as one of those “They are who we thought they were types of games” where Washington is leading the whole time by taking away Brett’s passing lanes, but Green Bay is able to stick around until finally knocking Washington out with a strange play in the last few minutes.  Green Bay

Stl @Bal – this one will only be close because Baltimore can’t score many points.  Baltimore.

Min @ Chi – I don’t think that the Bears will be able to run on the Vikes which means that they are going to have to put the ball into Brian Gresies hands to win the game.  I don’t like the sounds of that.  If Minnesota is able to keep the ball away from Devin Hestor they should have a good shot at winning.  Minnesota.

Phi @ NYJ –  The Jets look terrible.  Eagles

TEN @ TB –  I’m not sure about this one Tampa Bay has tricked me a lot so far this year but Vince Young wins football games. Period.  I think that I’ll go with the home team.  Tampa Bay.

CAR @ ARI-  I don’t trust any team that are thinking about starting Vinny Testaverde.  Arizona.

NE @ DAL –  Probably the most intreguing match up of the season so far isn’t it.  I’d say that the only thing that Dallas has going for it in this game is that they are at home.  They didn’t look great on Monday and they are on a short week of rest.  I have to take New England.

OAK @ SD – Oakland has looked surprisingly good at times this year but I think that San Diego is about to go on a little run so I’ll take the Chargers.

NO @ SEA – You’ve got to take a favored Seattle at home on Monday night don’t you?  Seattle.


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