Taxi Cab Confession.

I just got a cab from the airport back to my condo and my cab driver was in really bad shape. This is his story. I never got his name but we’ll call him Joe. Joe is a Haitian immigrant who came to America on his wifes visa. His wife left Haiti five years before Joe and has been here for seven years. With some quick grade school math I was able to determine that Joe has been in Miami for two years. Back in Haiti Joe was a police officer. During the three years that his wife was establishing herself in America Joe was taking care of the family’s three kids by himself. During this time Joe also had an affair with his female partner. When Joe left he Haiti he assumed that the affair was over and that he would be able to leave it behind him. That was until the day I got in the cab.

Apparently Joe’s female partner was able to come to immigrate to America and when she got here the first thing she did was look up Joe. She wanted to find Joe so that she could introduce him to his one and a half year old son. That’s right Joe had an illegitimate child. This is where the story starts to get interesting. Apparently the woman had found out where Joe lives and brought the child to this house only Joe was working when she did this and his wife answered the door. Upon finding out about the child Joe’s wife called Joe at work and yelled at him, finishing the conversation by saying I want a divorce don’t come home.

What does all of this have to do with me? Well I was in the back seat of the cab when this call came in. Of all the cabs I could have taken the 25 min trip from the airport to my condo with I landed in Joe’s just as his wife was calling. The phone call lasted only about 10 mins so for the rest of the ride Joe told me his story. By the time I got out he was crying and asking me to prey for him, because he loves his family and didn’t want to be kicked out of America.

I got out of the cab, walked into my condo, and made myself a peanut butter sandwich… I guess some people do have it harder than I do.


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