Sac Picker’s Anonymous, Ed. 5

Since I’m busy enjoying the cottage life I will keep this short and sweet as well.

Cleveland @ NE – Cleveland is looking like the giant killers of the year with wins over Baltimore and Cincy.  The difference between those and this game is the divisional rivalry.  New England is just too strong and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they do go undefeated.  New England

Seattle @ Pittsburgh – In a rematch the Superbowl two years ago, two 3-1 teams should test each other well.  It should be a tight game and if it’s in Seattle I think I give them the edge but here I like Pittsburgh.

Carolina @ New Orleans – This could be the game where NO gets on track.  Deuce is a huge loss but I think Stecker can be a useful foil for Bush as well.  Carolina’s D has looked nothing like it’s former self and Drew Brees can make decent defenses look terrible, at least he could last year.  New Orleans

Detroit @ Washington – Detroit continues to surprise and bounced back well last week against da Bears.  I don’t think Washington has the tools on D to stop all the weapons on the Lions.  There are a lot of tools on the ‘Skins D, just not the right kind.  Lions

Jets @ Giants – Chad Pennington throws like a girl.  Plax is pretty unstoppable.  For those keeping track, he only has one less TD than Randy thus far even though he hasn’t been getting nearly as much hype.  Kerry Rhodes and the rest of the Jets DB’s will face a big challenge.  For all the shit Eli takes, I don’t think he’s been playing that badly, he just looks kinda funny.  Giants

Miami @ Houston – Houston looked like a bad team against bad competition last weekend.  They face an 0-4 challenger in Miami and if they play down to them could pick up another loss.  I think they will be looking to show people that the Atlanta game was just a hiccup.  Texans

Atlanta @ Tennessee – Joey has been coming on the last two weeks but Tennessee is a far bigger test than Houston.  Falcons fans will be having flashbacks to the Vick glory days as Vince runs through their D at will.  I still like the Titans to make a serious playoff push and they won’t let the lowly Falcons slow them down.  Titans

Jacksonville @ KC – I still can’t believe that SD lost to the Cheifs.  Resnarkulous.  They are now tied for the Division lead.  The AFC west is junk!  I could care less about this game and will take Cheifs only because of Dwayne Bowe.  I hate everyone else on the team but he could be the real deal.  KC

Arizona @ St. Louis – This game is a personal heartbreaker for me.  St. Louis has been the bane of my fantasy existence so far and now Bulger is out.  Arizona has lost two tough ones and could be even better than their franchise tying 2-2 best start.  I really enjoy the Cards and I’m pretty sure the forces that be will make sure Gus Frerotte ruins my life by lighting it up and stealing Bulgers job for the remainder of the season, and embarrasing the Cards.  That being said, I got the Cards.

TB @ Indy – Both teams are pretty banged up although Pittman should make TB miss Cadillac a little less.  Tampa Bay will hopefully make a game of it but I have to go with Indy.

San Diego @ Denver – Who knows who will show up for this game. LT looked almost like his old self in the first half last week but they still managed to blow a 16-6 lead.  Denver is always tough at home but has been inconsistent thus far.  Could be a make or break game for both teams.  I think this one may come down to the end with the Chargers being the eventual winner.

Baltimore @ San Francisco – Trent Dilfer is old.  So is Steve McNair.  I think the difference in this game will be McGahee.  I think he can run all day against the Niners which will keep their D fresh for when it counts.  Ravens

Chicago @ Green Bay – If the Pack win this one I don’t think anyone will be able to deny that they are the force to be reckoned with in the division.  Brian Griese may be marginally better than Sexy but I doubt he can make the difference.  I’m with the Packers.

Dallas @ Beefalo – That’s what you get when you breed a cow with a bison.  Delicious!  The highest scoring offense this season is up against the depleted Bills D.  I like their chances.  A lot.  Cowboys


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