Pick My Sac. Week 5

I’m super busy at work today so I’m going to try to keep this short, but here are my guesses picks for week 5

Cleveland @ New England-  New England isn’t going to win all of its games this year and this is exactly the type of game that they could lose.  Cleveland can put up points to keep up and New England has had a short week and has a game in Dallas next week.  That being said I don’t think the season is old enough yet for New England to be looking ahead if this were week 11 I’d probably take Cleveland but right now I’ll stick with New England… With the spread I’d take Cleveland though.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh – I don’t sea Pittsburgh losing two games in a row to the NFC West.  It has to be Pittsburgh

Carolina @ New Orleans – I’ve picked in every game this season and I’vbe been disappointed every time.  If they’re going to win a game all year their going to have to win this one though aren’t they.  I mean they’re at home against a team who is playing their second string QB after their bye week.  New Orleans.

Detroit @ Washington – Washington is coming off the bye and should be well prepared for the game but Detroit is really strong, and Washington’s D looked pretty bad last we saw against the Giants.  I’ll take the Lions.

Jets @ Giants –  If I can give you one guarantee this week it’s that New York will win this game. Kidding.  Giants.

Miami @ Houston –Can they fail forward and faster? Yes they can with a loss in Houston. Houston

Atlanta @ Tennessee – Vince Young wins football games. Period.  I don’t know if they’ll cover the 8.5 spread but they really should be an Atlanta team that isn’t very good.  Tennessee
Jacksonville @ Kansas City-  You couldn’t pay me to watch this game… Simply terrible.  This game really shows how mediocre a lot of the teams in the league are.  If Kanas City wins they could have a lead in their division.  Terrible.  Jacksonville.

Arizona @ St. Louis Another snoozer.  I’ll take Arizona and their Quarterback by committee.

Tampa Bay @ Indy – Last week I said that I was tired of getting fooled by Tampa, and then I saw that they were playing the Colts this week and almost picked against them again, before realizing that Marvin Harrison, Joe Addai, and Bob Sanders are all out.  Tampa Bay

San Diego @ Denver – While I think that the stat about Denver giving up 186 ypg on the ground is misleading because people run more on them than on any other team, I still think that any team giving up over 150 yards rushing a game won’t match up well with the Chargers.  San Diego.

 Baltimore @ San Fransisco –  I’m not sure, both teams have been pretty inconsistent so I’ll go with the home team.  San Fran

Chicago @ Green Bay- Green Bay has one of the best passing attacks in the league and Chicago’s secondary is banged up badly.  I’ll take Green Bay.  Keep in mind thought that if Green Bay wins this game it probably means that  Chicago won’t make the playoffs.

Dallas @ Buffalo – Who decided that Buffalo should be able to host a Monday night game?  If they were going to be allowed one shouldn’t it be in December to make the weather a factor?  This game is a shit sandwich.  Dallas. 


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