Look at me, I’m a blimp!


I had a fairly animated discussion with a friend recently about blimps.  It started because we were watching a sporting event and the Goodyear blimp was providing its special brand of aerial coverage.  I remarked that except for Goodyear, blimping really never took off after that whole Hindenburg disaster in 1937 (check out the max speed on that badboy).  We questioned the decision to choose a blimp as a means of advertising by the executives at Goodyear, especially when it loops around sporting events where everyone is looking down to make sure they get their moneys worth.  Add to this the fact that the blimp’s tires are tiny little things that are barely ever touch the ground and I was fairly perplexed as to who was in the board room when this call was made, and who the hell got fired for it. 

After delving a little deeper into the history of the blimp I discovered that Goodyear became involved in blimping in 1911 designing and manufacturing the envelopes or big inflatable thingys to the non-blimper.  So in 1925 they decided to use a blimp as an advertising tool and the “Aerial Ambassadors” were born.  This was back in the hayday of blimping when they were considered a legitimate form of transportation and military intelligence.  I get this now.  Blimps were big and Goodyear was in the blimping business.  What I don’t understand is why the fuck they still make them and use them.  They have a fleet of these things flying around trying to distract you from the game and give you majestic shots of stadiums.  My personal favourite is when they are flying around a domed stadium at a game.  Pssst, they can’t see through the roof and all I can see is what looks like a giant white boob. 

You may be asking what good could possibly have come from this post.  Firstly, as a History major I was immediately swept back into the wonderful world of researching my insatiable hunger for knowledge.  Secondly, I now know what I’m doing with my first million.  They’re still experimental but let me be the first to introduce you to the exciting world of personal blimping!  Looks safe don’t it.  I can only see good things resulting from this valuable scientific endeavour.



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2 responses to “Look at me, I’m a blimp!

  1. palestinmiami

    Yeah I alway thought it would make more sense for Goodyear to sponsor a monster truck… You know so that they could show off their massive wheels and all.

    Also your Personal Blink link in bung please fix immediately

  2. Oh! The humanity!

    Pedant alert! The Hindenburg was a dirigible, not a blimp.

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