Kanye’s Quest for Cool.

In Kanye West mind he is loved by many and hated by some Bloggers. I’m not sure exactly where this came from I’ve been reading blogs for a while and I can’t say that I’ve seen many be overly hard on the Louis Vitton Don. I mean everybody gets teased a bit on the internet, that’s obviously a part of any giant anonymous canvas. Kanye is cool, and he’s good at what he does, if no one else is willing to say it I will.

What may hurt him in my mind is his “Quest for Cool.” Kanye admitted to this quest for cool a couple of months ago in a New York Time article.

“I love TV on the Radio’s production,” he said, referencing the critically acclaimed Brooklyn indie-rockers, “but man, at the end of the day, Keane and the Killers have bigger hooks.” Mr. West stops, considers, then laughs. “The last thing I need now in my quest to be cool is for somebody to think I dissed TV on the Radio.”

Since then it seems like he has been doing different things not necessarily because they are cool but so that people Hipster will view him as cool. He performed with Peter, Bjorn, and John at No Way Out, he created a Blog (Which will be immediately Blogrolled by Sacs in the City), and he showed up on Entourage (which I suppose isn’t that cool anymore). Whether he is doing these things to look cool or because he actually thinks their’s cool I’ll never know. This weekend on Saturday Night Live Kanye actually makes reference to the fact that Bloggers will tease him (00:35) after he stumbles during a freestyle(01:39, 00:55):


Right now I know that I still like him and I hope that he can stay genuine. I mean come on everyone knows there’s nothing more uncool than a person who is constantly asking you to stroke his ego and tell how cool he is. Someone who is truly cool does what I do and simply doesn’t listen to what other people have to say. It seems like Kanye is truly worried that everything he does will be put under a microscope which I suppose in some cases is true, but isn’t some of that by his own accord?:


I suppose that Kanye could just take a different approach though. I mean he’s got the number 1 album in the world he’s got to be paid right?



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3 responses to “Kanye’s Quest for Cool.

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  2. McInenly (Jeffrey C.)

    Mike Myer’s hair looks sooooo queer. He reminds me of mister Burns as a vampire

  3. fruffy

    I just like the look on his face as Kanye is spouting his shit. Then he just ignores the whole damn thing and jumps back into the teleprompted dialogue like a true Canadian!

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