25 Things that I could buy instead of the In Rainbows Discbox.

While I appreciate the fact that  Radiohead is releasing an $82 CD here are $82 things that you can buy for the same price.

1 45 copies of 98 Degrees Give me one night, (Una Noche) @ Amazon.com

2. A Barrel of Oil

3. BCA Blushing Pink Fusion Soft Lights & Brush Set

4. A flight from Boise to LA

5.  You can show your mom a hookers breasts

6. The Slaughter price on a cow

7. A Ducti Pink Thing watch

8. A Pioneer DVD player.

9. 195lbs of split peas.

10. Canon digital Camera

11. 4 tickets to Maroon 5 in Toronto 

12.Playstation One game console, with memory card & two controllers. It works well and is in good condition. Also included are 14 Playstation One BASIC games, 11 Playstation One DEMO games and a strategy guide for Final Fantasy VII.

13. 82 Jr. Whoppers
14. 82 Spicy Chicken Sandwhiches

15. 149 Big Macs

16. 16 lbs of marbles

17.  Sponsor a third world child for nearly 3 months.

18. Get call display on your TV.

19.  Futuristic high tech security system.

20. A bunch of Star Wars Toys

21. .108 Ounces of raw gold

22. Two Ponies

23. A flight from Miami to Freeport

24. 54 lbs of colored sand

25. A flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlantic City

I’m really not sure if any of these are a better deal than the In Rainbows disc box but I sure could go for a slaughtered cow right now.



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5 responses to “25 Things that I could buy instead of the In Rainbows Discbox.

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  2. BUTCH

    Great post. About time you jokes wrote something to laugh at besides Fruffy’s NFL picks.

  3. palestinmiami

    I’ll go ahead and say that Fruff hasn’t written a post not related to the nfl since Sept 18th. That being said he has been really busy… As an unemployed male model.

  4. fruffy

    It’s a tough life but someone has to look this good.

  5. I love this post. I’d like you to buy the colored sand or the oil, but that’s just me.

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