My terrible picks. Week 4.

You know what?  Odds dictate that it’s just as hard to pick all of the losers as it is all of the winners.  Oppositely it be most effortless to go .500 in a vacuum, unfortunately I am not in a vacuum and I know a couple of things about football this explains how I am able to go only 18 winners in 32 games without considering the spread.  Enough of this foolishness I’m turning around my season right now.


Houston @ Atlanta – When did the AFC South get any good?  It’s not fair if Indy has to play any tough games in the season how are they going to cake walk into the playoffs.  The AFC South is 9-3 overall and 6-0 outside of the division.  Look for that to continue this week.  Houston

Jets @ Buffalo –  I hate everything about this game.  The AFC East is terrible and I could care less who comes in second place.  Since I have to make a pick I’ll take the Jet’s as Buffalo will be playing without J.P. Losman. Jets

Baltimore @ Cleveland – Baltimore hasn’t looked nearly as good as you would think, and you’ve got to assume that Jamal Lewis will have a huge week against his old team, he always seems to play well at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  Cleveland 

St. Louis @ Dallas – Is St. Louis as bad as they look?   I don’t think so, but I also don’t believe that this is the week that they will turn it around.  Dallas is going to clobber them.  Dallas

Chicago @ Detroit – I read that Chicago is thin at DB which is not good against this Lions team.  To beat Detroit Chicago is going to have to put up 28.  I’m not sure they’ll do that with Brian Greise.  Detroit

Oakland @ Miami – I’ll be a homer again.  Miami

Green Bay @ Minnesota – I still think that Minnesota is better than it is playing Chester Taylor coming back should help the team pound the ball inside and open up passing lanes for Peterson.  Minnesota

Seattle @ San Francisco – Does anyone like Seattle?  I don’t.  San Fran  

Tampa Bay @ Carolina – Am I going to be that sucker that keeps betting against a Tampa Bay team that I should trust but I don’t?  You bet. Carolina

Denver @ Indianapolis  On paper you’ve got to like the matchup because of Denver’s great pass defense, the problem is that Indy will probably just pound the ball against a run defense that stinks.  If the Denver D showed me more against Jacksonville last week I’d take them but they didn’t.  Indy

Pittsburgh @ Arizona – I think that Arizona is pretty good, and I like them at home in their new Stadium, but Pittsburgh has looked like one of the best three or four teams in football this season, so I’ll go with them.  Pittsburgh

Kansas City @ San Diego –   I’m looking for San Diego to bounce back in a big way against a team is awful.  San Diego

Philadelphia @ Giants – The Giants don’t look good at all. I watch their entire game against Washington and I’m still trying to figure out how they won.  I’ve heard people say that the Giants shutdown the Redskins in the second half but that wasn’t the case Washington just didn’t show up.  Philadelphia

New England @ Cinncinati – I like Kenny Wastson but he’s no Rudi Johnson.  Look for New England to stay perfect.  New England



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