Fruffy’s Week 3 Picks of Destiny

Looks like there could be some interesting matchups this week.  I’m punching out for the weekend early so I’ll get right to the picks. (punching out of what, I really have no idea)

Arizona @ Baltimore – I’m very interested to see how her baby’s daddy and the rest of the Cardinals handle this challenge.  If their D shows up then they’ll have a good chance.  I think both backs will have good days but I give the edge to the Cardinals.  Get it, EDGE?  Cardinals

San Diego @ Green Bay – Wilbon picked Green Bay on PTI last night which was pretty interesting. Although I’ve been impressed by their start, the Chargers have something to prove coming off the loss to the cheaters and they are a much better team than the Eagles or Giants.  Chargers

Indianapolis @ Houston – This is one of those games that you hate to call.  A battle of two undefeated powerhouses.  Wait, it’s still Houston.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if they pulled an upset but I’m going to have to take the smart pick.  Or not.  Texans. Wait, no Andre?  Colts

Minnesota @ Kansas City – Boring.  I don’t know why I hate the Chiefs so much but it’s pretty fun.  Adrian Peterson could run for a bundle.  Vikings

Buffalo @ Cheaters – The Pats have the best line-up in the league, the best coach and they cheat.  The Bills suck.  How did I not take Randy Moss in any fantasy draft?  What a mutt I can be.  Pats

Miami @ Jets – What an exciting AFC East matchup.  The early preview in the battle for second place which will get them nowhere.  (I assume the Bills will go 0-16)  All three of those teams are 0-2 by the way.  I think the Jets are a little better than they have played but not much.  Jets

Detroit @ Philly – This could be the most entertaining game of the week mostly due to the Philly fans.  I will relish watching them lose their shit as Donovan throws a couple picks and Kitna airs it out to Megatron.  Maybe I’m just being to hard on McNabb because he’s black.  Am I a racist for picking the Lions?  Ah well.  Lions

San Fran @ Pittsburgh – Another battle of undefeated teams.  I’ve been really impressed with how well Big Ben has played thus far and I think he could pick apart the Niners D.  By that I mean his usual line of 14-22, 197 yds, 4 TD’s.  If Pittsburgh’s D can limit the success of Frank Gore then they should emerge victorious.  McBeams

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay – Can someone please tell Bulger and Jackson that they are supposed to be two prolific players in one of the leagues best offenses.  I don’t care if they win, I just really need the fantasy help.  In other news, I’m starting Joey Galloway this week so he’ll probably do nothing.  This is a tight one to call but I see the Bucs blitzing relentlessly and controlling the game.  Bucs

Jacksonville @ Denver – Before the season I would have considered this a premier defensive matchup.  The Jags haven’t been what I thought they were so even the likes of Jay Cutler and Travis Henry will pile up the numbers.  Bronco’s

Cleveland @ Oakland – Can the Browns ride the momentum from last weeks thrilling win into this game?  In a word, no.  The game against Cincy is divisional and a huge rivalry and this game means nothing so they’ll be back to old form.  Lamont Jordan looks like he might be getting back to the form that got him to the Raiders years ago and I like him against the Browns D.  Raiders

Cincinnati @ Seattle – This promises to be a great game.  My Bengals will definitely be looking to come out and make some noise early after embarrassing themselves and me last week.  Hopefully their defense will be able to slow down Alexander, I know he’s pretty slow already, and force the ball into those slippery hands of the Seahawks WR’s.  Bungals

Carolina @ Atlanta – This game looks as awful as it will be.  Panthers

Giants @ Washington – The skins are coming off the big monday night win and the Giants are coming off that terrible loss to Green Bay.  I really can’t believe that Joe Gibbs has not been able to do anything with this team in his second stint and for that reason alone I’m pulling for them here.  I hate them a little less than the G-men.   Redskins

Dallas @ Chicago – Since Dallas has already said it won’t punt to the only decent weapon on the Bears, this shouldn’t be much of a game.  Romo and TO keep getting better together and their D won’t have too much trouble containing sexy Rexy.  Cowboys

Tennessee @ New Orleans – Another terrible monday nighter in the making.  I really don’t know what happened to the Saints.  Oh wait, yes I do.  Last season they were everyone’s favourite team because “the city needed it so badly.”  Unless a hurricane gets to town before Kornheiser I like the Titans.  Vince just wins football games after all.  Titans


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