NFL wrap-up and assorted other pearls

Even though we were both pretty horrible, it seems that I came out on top in the first week of picking my sac.  Fruffy 10-6, the pale one 9-7.  Its a long season but I’ll go ahead and guarantee victory right now.  In other news, I lost both my fantasy matchups this week thanks to Joey Galloway and Steven Jackson.  You may remember that I was pretty upset that I took Galloway so high but if I had started him this week instead of Reggie “I’m about to get dropped” Brown I would have won my week.  Steven Jackson has just been a huge disappointment but at least I’m not alone because all the LT owners can’t be that happy either.  As an extra punch to the balls I was also eliminated in my Survival league because I picked the Bungals.  I still love them though, their defense just needs to learn how to tackle, cover, and sack people more often or at all.

How terrible was that Monday nighter?  I was watching it with an Eagles fan which turned out to be a plus since he was pretty disgusted and allowed us to play video games for most of the evening.  First off, I’m not a huge video game guy, mostly due to the fact that I’m too poor to buy a system but that’s besides the point.  Last night we were playing this new game SKATE for X-box 360.  Since I still dress like I’m a 16 year old skater and tell people that I was one contest away from going pro before breaking both my femurs dropping a set of 39 stairs, I hadn’t had this much fun since Tony Hawk 1 and 2 for the origional playstation.  I definitely suggest checking it out.  Sticking with the video games for a sec, they have apparantely leaked the song line-up for the new Guitar Hero game which can be found here.  If you haven’t played this game you are truly missing out.  Nothing like melting some faces after a few brown-pops and bong-hits.  Insert shredtacular riff noise here.  No, I just wish I was this cool.




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4 responses to “NFL wrap-up and assorted other pearls

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  2. palestinmiami

    I love the Interweb… Only here will someone from MTV give a video game designer a link to our site.

    Anyway, I may only be 9-7 without the spread but am getting a little sick of you shit bagging me. I’m all hopped up on Red Bull and ready to swamble you anything that I win.

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