Pick My Sac: NFL Week 2

While normally I would just copy and paste any of the picks that the Sports Guy made (I mean Atlanta looked good didn’t they?) I’ll make my own picks because I feel inclined to try to win this competition between myself and Fruffy.
Atlanta at Jacksonville 1:00 pm – I’m not sure what happened to Jacksonville last week but they can’t possibly lose to Atlanta at home can they?  I think that the 10.5 point spread is crazy but since we are just betting pure winners I have to assume that Jacksonville has more talent at almost every position.  Winner Jacksonville

Buffalo at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm :  While both teams looked surprisingly good last week I think that there are two things that separate these teams. 1.  Buffalo tends to lose a lot. 2. Steely McBeam.  Winner Pittsburgh

Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 pm :  Cleveland is hot garbage. Cinci looked pretty good last week.  Winner Cincinnati

Green Bay at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm Both teams looked bad last week but Green Bay looked really bad.  I’m not sure what to think about Jared Lorenzen though.  He’s got to be a bit of a joke doesn’t he?  I mean he looks more like he belongs on the Line than accepting the snap.  I think that Green Bays underrated defense will wipe the floor with his Crisco Ass.  Winner Green Bay

Houston at Carolina 1:00 pm I like Carolina.  They are fun to watch and you’ve got to love the intensity that David Carr is going to bring to the sidelines this week (don’t you?).  Winner Carolina

Indianapolis at Tennessee 1:00 pm Vince Young wins football game.  Period.  Tennessee is going to make some serious noise this week, we’re about one week away from people saying that he has arrived.  I’d say it’s a stretch to say that Tennessee will win but I’m sure they will beat the spread.  I’ll take the stretch Winner Tennessee.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm Tampa is terrible and New Orleans is good.  Winner New Orleans

San Francisco at St. Louis 1:00 pm The loss of Orlando Pace is going to really hurt Marc Bulger’s ability to get the ball out against the pass rush.   It won’t be a good thing to rush the pass against the improved SF pass rush.  In an interesting side note this game also features my two keeper fantasy running backs.  I will be watching this game.  Winner San Francisco

Dallas at Miami 4:05 pm Miami has maybe the worst secondary in football and Romo threw for 2,000,000 yards on Monday night.  Winner Dallas

Minnesota at Detroit 4:05 pm Both teams looked pretty good against bad teams last weekend. Madden would say that this is a strength versus strength type of game.  A strong defense against a strong offense.  The difference is that Minnesota will be able to run all over Detroit also.  Winner Minnesota

Seattle at Arizona 4:05 pm This weekend is going to go a long way in settling the NFC West with all of the teams playing each other.  I think that Arizona wins at home just to stay competitive in the division.  Winner Arizona

Kansas City at Chicago 4:15 pm
I don’t have to say anything about this game.  Chicago will win

N.Y. Jets at Baltimore 4:15 pm You gotta love Baltimore at home against a quarterback of the future.  Winner Baltimore.

Oakland at Denver 4:15 pm Denver should go 2-0 because Oakland won’t be able to score on offense.  Winner Denver

San Diego at New England 8:15 pm  The weeks premier match up. While New England looked really good last week, they have been distracted by cheating all week.  If New England wins this game against the best team in football they may have the mental toughness to go 16-0.  I don’t think they do.  Winner San Diego.

Washington at Philadelphia, 8:30 pm (ESPN)  Looking at this game you’ve got to take Philadelphia at home don’t you?  I mean how are they going to break their fans collective hearts if they don’t win a few games first.  Winner Philadelphia.



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3 responses to “Pick My Sac: NFL Week 2

  1. tsos20

    I’m picking the Colts over the Titans. It has been rare for them to loose early in the season the last couple of years. In addition, they are a better team. Unless the Colts revert to giving up 5 plus yards per carry, they should be favorites in any game, unless it’s in New England or SanDiego.
    The Sultan on Sports


    ps Since they cheat, particularly in New England.

  2. Football aside, I’m loving the title of your post: Pick Your Sac. That is hi-lay.

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