NFL Week 2 Picks

Here at Sacs in the City we’ve decided that being in the same fantasy leagues is not enough.  We require more ammunition with which to badger each other constantly.  We’ve decided to each pick the winner of every matchup and keep track for the whole season to see who is smarter and better looking.  Here we go with the inaugural week of picks:

Houston at Carolina – I was pretty impressed that both these teams won last week.  I’ll go with Carolina to impress in their home opener.

Cincinnati at Cleveland – Not even Brady Quinn will be able to stop the Bungals in the second half.  I doubt the Browns will score a TD after watching the way the Bengals D played last week.

Atlanta at Jacksonville – Jacksonsville wins but not because of their run defence. 

Green Bay at New York Giants – The G-Men are looking a little thin at quarterback this week (obviously not literally.)  Green Bay beats them and starts getting peoples hopes up about a dream season for old grey beard.

Buffalo at Pittsburgh – I think fast Willie has a pretty big day here.  Steelers all the way.

San Fran at St. Louis – Look for Stephan Jackson to bounce back in a big way.  I think this ends up as a shoot-out with the Rams squeeking it out late.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay – I have a feeling the Saints could win pretty big here especially if Cadillac is running like a Pinto.

Indy at Tennessee – I really want to pick the Titans but I don’t think they’re quite there.  I think it’s a closer game than most will with Indy the eventual winner.

Seattle at Arizona – This division is wide open this year.  I see Arizona making a statement in this game winning big.

Minnesota at Detroit – Both looked good against shitty competition last week.  This will be a better test for both.  I take Minny because they will run all over them.

Dallas at Miami – Dallas takes it easily.

Jets at Baltimore – Baltimore D pitches a shutout and Willis goes off for a lot of yards.  Ravens win.

Kansas City at Chicago – I’ll reach and take Chicago to win 3-0 in a barn burner.  Grossman is terrible.

Oakland at Denver – This game is always entertaining.  McCown surprised me with his poise and accuracy in game 1 but it won’t be enough against the Bronco’s.  They win in a close one.

San Diego at New England – In the premier match-up this week I’ll go with the Pats.  I hate doing it but their D will give Rivers a really hard time.  If that doesn’t work they’ll bribe the Refs.

Washington at Philadelphia – I’ve never seen anything like the punt-returning performance put on by the Eagles last week.  If I were Joe Gibbs I’d kick on first down because it would have the same result as a 60 yard bomb.  The Eagles should realistically play better and take down the horrible Redskins.

Good luck to me!



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2 responses to “NFL Week 2 Picks

  1. phillam

    The Chargers are going to mop the floor with the Patriots.

  2. Pat Smith

    The REDSKINS are not horrible. They will surprise a lot of folks this year. Mark my words.

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