Megatron has landed


My good buddy Henderson has just alerted me that in a radio interview yesterday Roy Williams divulged that Calvin Johnson will forever be known as Megatron.  Here’s his rationale:

“He’s real quiet. … He’s a good athlete, he’s big as hell, he’s Megatron.”

Sounds like great logic to me.  When I think of Megatron I think of his stunning athletic abilities.  All his one handed grabs, just dragging his big metal toes to stay in bounds and of course him holding on to the rock after a taking a huge hit from Optimus Prime over the middle.  I’ll take the spread on the Autobots by the way. 

Speaking of nicknames, I almost shit my pants listening to Chris Berman doing his fastest three minutes on monday night.  I have a real love/hate relationship with Berman and was actually dreading watching it before it started, especially after the home run derby debacle.  My favourite nickname before this fateful night was Rob “MMM MMM MMM My” Bironas but I think he may have acheived a new high with Jason “You can’t always get what” Avant.  Let’s hope he’s sober enough to come up with some more gems like that this season.  Here’s a list of some more of his good and painful nicknames if you want to check it out.


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One response to “Megatron has landed

  1. palestinmiami

    Albert “Winnie the” Pujols.
    Mike Pepperoni Piazza.


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