Like Ali vs. Fraiser (only with more singing)

Who’s ready for the battle of all battles? This Tuesday is the most anticipated day of the music year, both Kanye West and 50 Cent are dropping new albums. Many in the industry believe that Sept. 11th will be the most important week for record sales of the year. This of course leaves me scratching my head and truly hoping that the week of Sept 11th doesn’t become a shopping holiday.


Here’s my take on the whole the whole thing. The more that I think about the more that I am realizing that this whole contrived “feud” is going to be really good for sales of both artists. Props to Universal for coming up with the marketing campaign. While I think that the feud will definitely be helping the sales of both artists it will improve the sales of 50’s album more. Curtis’s album was supposed come out at the beginning of the summer, but it was too shitty not ready. Our most loyal readers will remember this post from June. Without the help of this competition I believe that 50’s album would have come out lacklustered and he would have fallen off. Kanye would have done ok well either way because his appeal is much more broad than 50 Cent, I mean for Christ sakes I’ve heard my mom sing Jesus Walks. The broad appeal of Kanye would have guaranteed him more sales with the demographics that are still buying albums.

Both artists would have had (relatively) strong releases with or without them dropping on the same day, but the rivalry has made Sept. 11th an occasion that people will swing by Target for. My prediction for the sales of each artist after one week is this:

Kanye: 445,000

50 Cent: 395,000

These numbers will include the tens of thousands of albums that the fine people at Roc-a-fela and Interscope will purchase in support of their own records. The only question left to answer is how is 50 going to get out of his promise to retire from music when he loses.



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4 responses to “Like Ali vs. Fraiser (only with more singing)

  1. Why does Kanye West hate MTV? I heard that on the radio this morning. Can you shed some light?

  2. palestinmiami

    He hates MTV because they never give him an award. He gets nominated for like 10 Awards every year and wins one. He also never gets the big awards, he didn’t get best new artist and he never gets artist of the year. I think it’s more that he hates losing than anything else. Evidence can be found here:

    Sales forecasts are right now at
    Kanye 70%
    50 Cent: 30%

  3. fruffy

    I heard a rumour 50 is dating Jessica Alba. Did anyone else hear this most heinous allegation?

  4. TheMarathonMan

    It’s not so much the broad appeal of Kanye (which when compared to 50 Cent is a moot point…) as it is the current marketplace.

    Look at the hip-hop artists whose albums have sold well – relatively speaking – this year: Common, UGK, Talib Kweli, TI.

    Check the recurring theme. Those guys all present themselves as artists creating albums, while 50 is a businessman who uses singles as a means of creating a marketplace.

    The few remaining record buyers out there have no time for the ringtone era. Spending money on music means investing in artists who are trying to bring something more to the table than one song with a catchy hook.

    Hopefully this trend will lead the labels to invest in artists with higher creative aims than worrying about their single is going to be next hot ringtone.

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