Running Diary NFL Week One.

I figured I would steal a popular idea from Douche bag Blogging Superstar Bill Simmons and write a running diary for week one of the NFL.

1:08… They say that the first pass of the year can dictate how your season is going to go. For Jason Campbell… First pass. INT. It may be a long year.

1:35: Boring… I’m getting Miami vs. Washington and Green Bay vs. Philadelphia. I need something to keep my interest.

1:36: I order pizza.

2:01: Trent Green throws the ball out of the reach of Chris Chambers. Announcer suggests “If that pass would have been perfect it would have been a completion.” It is this insight that I tune in for.

2:10: pizza arrives. I’m sort of over it, but I eat it anyway.

2:20: I’m pretty pissed that the two teams that I am playing against this week in fantasy football are playing with Minnesota and Pittsburg.

3:3: Stephan Jackson must be pissing off a lot of people.

3:37: I just picked Chris Brown up in two fantasy leagues.

4:11: Buffalo is going to lose another game in the last second aren’t they? Has any team in recent history been able to lose in such a dramatic fashion as often as Buffalo. It’s like getting punched in the balls every Sunday.

4:13:  Turns out the two turd sandwiches I got to watch both ended with last second field goals to make each end 16-13… while I appreciate the excitement, neither had a touchdown in the second half.



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2 responses to “Running Diary NFL Week One.

  1. fruffy

    1. I finally got a premier RB in a fantasy draft and this is how Stephen Jackson treats me. I should have known.
    2. Watching the last Denver drive all four guys I was watching with agreed Buffalo was definitely going to get fucked. I can’t believe Cutler didn’t spike and they ran the FG unit out just in time. I’m sure that salt doesn’t feel good in the wounds of the half of Buffalo’s team that got injured today. I can’t believe the Bills still have fans.
    3. Who do you want for Chris Henry?
    4. Both my fantasy teams are losing going into tomorrow. Good thing illegitimate papi Matt Leinart will throw 6 touchdowns all to Larry Fitzgerald and Edge will rush for 200 and 3 more TDs.

  2. Henderson

    Enjoy the comedy of Buffalo games while you can, by week 9 the 1-7 Bills won’t be selling out and the lovely folks in Southern Ontario/Western New York won’t get a chance to watch their local team, Mexican quarterback et al.

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