Kiran Chetry: Giving us the news we care about.


I should preface this post by saying that in general I don’t watch CNN very often, but I do play around on the internet and watch random clips that happen to come my way.  More and more often one journalist seems to be behind these clips; that journalist Kiran Chetry.  In case you were as unaware as I states that:

Chetry joined CNN in February 2007 and immediately began anchoring various CNN programs including American Morning, Anderson Cooper 360º, Paula Zahn Now and CNN Newsroom. Previously, Chetry was the anchor of Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends Weekend for the Fox News Channel. She has covered major breaking news stories including reports from the field during the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, the invasion of Baghdad and Hurricane Katrina.

While Chetry may have been covered many of the most important American news stories of the last ten years, a quick google reveals that what really made her famous.  Chetry has clawed her way to the top of the broadcasting totem pole, by not being afraid to do what it takes to get there and by covering any story at all.  She will have an awkward interview with a spelling bee champion, call co-workers from the bathtub, jump on a pogo-stick in high heels and a short skirt, hit the street with an ugly dog, talk to a pedophile, get pied by a clown,  perpetuate French stereotypes, talk down to Hillbillies about Politics, watch Panda pornography, sit on Santa’s lap and flirt with him, and sleep on the street.  Oh yeah she’s also pretty hot and not afraid to dress up as as a sexy video game character for Halloween.




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3 responses to “Kiran Chetry: Giving us the news we care about.

  1. fruffy

    These clips were a gateway to a world I did not know existed. I had not yet been informed that YouTube was so full of female news anchor’s upskirts. What a strange and beautiful age we live in.

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