At what point have I cheered sufficiently?

I was just cruising Greg Oden’s Blog which you really should check out if you have three or four free minutes, and I came across one of the best things that I’ve seen in a while. I don’t know how this clip slipped past me for so long, but it shows the people of beautiful Portland Oregon getting far too excited for something that everyone in the sporting world knew was going to happen. I mean come on, was the fact that they drafted a prospect that scouts are calling a once in a generation talent really surprising? It’s not so much that people cheered it’s how long they cheered for and how much jumping around there was. The video lasts almost a minute and it doesn’t look like the crowd is anywhere near settling down when it ends. I suppose that we’ve all been there but while watching the video I could only thing about if I were there how uncomfortable I would be and how all I would be thinking is: “How much longer to I have to jump up and down with my hands in the air?”


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