If for no other reason, watch it for Chabal.

It’s official, August is the most boring month on the calender.  Having already given up on baseball as a professional sport due to its unfair treatment of everyone who is not a Red Sock or Yankee, I have been concentrating my efforts on getting as pumped up as possible for the upcoming NFL season.  Even this is starting to wear on me as I’ve been inundated with news of some fellow who enjoys fighting dogs in his spare time more so than actual previews of the upcoming season.  Despite this, I am chomping at the bit to see the Bengals dominate the league, along with the rest of my fantasy roster, leading me to the glory and infamy I so deserve.  Since I’ve been playing club Rugby all summer, I’ve also decided to take an interest in the World Cup of Rugby starting September 7th.  I was just informed that it’s the 4th most watched sporting event in the world behind the World Cup of Soccer and the Olympic Games ( I too thought more people watched Dancing with the Stars than the Winter Olympics, Who knew?).  I would be surprised to find out that more than a handful of Americans other than their 30 man roster and Miss Teen South Carolina have even heard of the game which means that countries like England, Australia, New Zealand and France will be literally shutting down to watch their home sides.  I think this kind of obsessive fandom is greater than any in our domestic professional leagues.  The drinking and rioting that go along with it mean that it can only be undertaken every four years for everyones safety.  Speaking of safety, the other reason I wanted to wrote this post was to have an excuse to show you this clip of Sebastian Chabal.  He plays for France, which is the site of the tournament and is clearly a deranged individual.  If anyone could take down Kimbo Slice, I’d put my money on this guy, and not just because he looks like the white version of him.

I’m pretty sure he broke that guys jaw when he headbutted him.  Also, I’m going to make two predictions:  Canada will make it to the knockout round and France will ride homefield advantage to victory.



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4 responses to “If for no other reason, watch it for Chabal.

  1. palestinmiami

    While watching this video a number of things popped into my mind. In no particular order here they are:

    I’ve never seen a homeless man that looks that well fed.

    Is there any way that it could possibly be an advantage to have long hair in rugby?

    After knocking the first guy down did he really have to facewash him?

    I bet that he makes the smelliest shits of all time.

  2. fruffy

    The only advantage to the hair and beard is that it makes him look like a man to be feared. I think of it as a mix between Jesus and the lead singer of a death metal band. The facewash to me says “I’m sorry I just completely abused you son.” I can’t speak for his fecal ferocity but I assume it compares with a Hiroshima-like blast.

  3. Sioux from S.A.

    Sebastian ROCKS!
    But the South Africa will take the cup. Go Bokke!

  4. T.T.T.

    Yes indeed the Rugby World Cup did take place in France and Mr Chabal was a huge star and Mr Sioux you were right in saying the Springbok were going to win the trophy (althought Cueto did score in the corner did he not).
    The main reason i am writing is to correct the original article regarding “only held every four years because of the rioting” Please Please Please do not get Rugby confussed with Soccer (or football, footy, togga etc) Rugby is indeed a highly physical sport but let me put one thing straight and that is off the field supporters are not seperated indeed they love to mix with rival supporters and to my knowledge not one reported inciedent of fan violence was reported over the whole of this great 7 week comp. Rugby is about the game, the crack, and the beer and believe me the world can not offer another game that comes close.

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