A view from the top.

As mentioned below this Sunday was much better than any religious holiday could ever be; we had our fantasy draft.  Fluffy mentioned that I was back in Canada for the weekend.  I had to go to a wedding and while that was the premise of the trip, the real reason I followed through was for this draft.  There is little better than drinking beer, eating pizza and attempting to verbally defecate all over the psyche of some of your best friends.

I’ve had almost a week to let it sink in and the confidence that I have in my team is through the roof.  I should warn everyone though that this doesn’t mean anything, when it comes to fantasy my confidence always seems to be through the roof.  Last year at this time I considered myself a Championship lock and I finished in a disheartening sixth place.  Generally I do well in fantasy sports and this sixth was the worst finish I can remember having in any league (aside from the time someone convinced me to try fantasy nascar).  I should also note that while this confidence does approach cockiness, I feel that it is acceptable if for no other reason than because I spend far more time than is healthy following all things sports (racing doesn’t count as a sport) and because I obsess about my players as if they were my own children, albeit children I can get rid of if a better kid comes along.

I guess I’ll explain how the draft went for me now:  My keepers this year were Frank Gore and Stephen Jackson.  I was able to get both of these players because one guy stupidly dropped Gore early in the season because of bye week trouble.  With these two workhorses holding down the front end of my team I figured that I needed to go after two stud receivers in the first two rounds of the draft.  I was really hoping to get Marvin Harrison but he was taken early and I ended up landing Tory Holt in the first round, in the second round I was shocked to find out that Reggie Wayne had somehow (because of Honest Abe: see below) slipped  back to me.  The reason for this slip became clear in the next round, since our league has 12 teams and we start 2 quarterbacks, top QBs tend to go quickly.  In the next two rounds I tried to salvage what was left of the quarterback crop and ended up with the mediocre Tony Romo, and the potentially franchise killing Jason Campbell.  Jason Campbell was my “Joey Galloway”, I tried to defend the pick but I’m not sure if it is possible.  I imagine that he’ll be serviceable but I probably could have gotten him five rounds later and I realized this because when I drafted him the room went silent until someone coming over the speaker phone said “Is he a tight end?”  I rebounded well from this blunder taking Adrian Peterson, Chis Chambers, Jerious Norwood, and Gregg Jennings over the next 5 rounds.   I think that this really makes up the core of a great team.  The last half of the draft had me filling up my bench with, Rex Grossman, Jason Witten, Brady Quinn, Carolina Defense, Ronald Curry and the Patriots kicker.

Like I said, I think that my team looks pretty strong and I’ve got a bunch of high upside players that may end up doing a lot.  Clearly the two weakest links on my team are the two Jason’s (Witten and Campbell) I think that if they can have semi-decent seasons you may hear back from me in a few months letting you know that I have won the KFC trophy seen below (yes in fact we are losers).

Here are some of the other highlights of the draft:

Tingles selecting Chicago defense as a keeper.  Then selecting a team full of journeymen and backups that would have been good in 2000 including: Hines Ward, Terry Glenn, Jamal Lewis, Ashlie Lelie, Lamont Jordan, Marty Booker, and Damon Huard.

Dilbert taking Tony Gonzalez- ahead of Antonio Gates, because he assumed Gates was a keeper so he didn’t even look to see if he was on the board.

Chippy taking Marques Colston, Eli Manning, and Joe Horn with his first three picks after taking the full two and a half minutes each time.  Needless to say Chippy was unprepared and had a lot of Joey Galloway moments at the front end of the draft.

Life long Bills fan Honest Abe taking JP Losman in the second round because he was afraid “someone would take him just to screw with me.”


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