Better than Christmas, and Assorted other Religious/Ethnic Holidays


Last night was perhaps my favourite night of the entire year.  A time when friends come together and try to highlight each others stupidity and irrationality with witty and sometimes downright hurtful chirps.  A time when one can feel a certain blind confidence that the championship trophy will sit upon one’s mantle next off-season.  That’s right I’m talking fantasy football draft night.  This league is 12 teams, 2 keepers, and composed of a bunch of buddy’s that I used to share a vocational calling with including the palest man in Miami, a fellow contributer here at Sacs in the City.  He was in town this weekend so was able to attend the draft, however we had three separate phones on speaker to accomodate those who couldn’t make the trip. 

Here’s how the draft went down:  there were two expansion franchises so each got two picks before the real draft started because they didn’t have keeper.  I kept Drew Brees and Larry Fitzgerald because my running backs were a shit storm last year.  I had Julius Jones and Fred Taylor who ran for decent yardage but had all their TD’s stolen by Marion Barber and Maurice Jones-Drew respectively.  I was definitely planning on taking RB’s with my first two picks and if possible guys that won’t have to share touches.  The first four players taken were Jones-Drew, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb and Laurence Maroney.  I had the second overall pick after this and was hoping that the wild turkey with the first pick would take anything but a RB.  I was lucky and he took Marvelous Marvin which allowed me to nab Willis McGahee who I’m pretty high on this year in his new Baltimore digs.  A lot of people went WR or QB in the first and second rounds because they had kept 1 or even 2 RB’s.  I was able to grab the Edge with my second pick.  The only guy I passed on that I may come to regret was Ronnie Brown.  With my next two picks I went for Vincent Jackson and Reggie Brown.  I think both these Wide-outs have the potential to be solid number 1 guys this season.  I took Joey Galloway next.  I froze, I’m retarded.  I panicked a little because I thought it was a little early for me to go TE, defense or kicker and decided on him at the last second.  I grabbed San Diego’s D next, followed by LenDale White, Heath Miller, Santonio Holmes, Neil Rackers, Vernand Morency (a steal here), Daunte Culpepper and Owen Daniels.  

I’m really pumped with how my team turned out.  I love that we have huge benches because it means we have more picks and drafting is the most exciting part of the whole season, although it was definitely hard on the long-distance bills.  It’s inevitably only down hill from here.  I’ve been playing fantasy sports fairly fanatically for years and I can’t remember ever winning a league.  The real reason I’m sharing my picks is to warn you all few that there is a good chance any or all of them may have their worst season on record, a terrible injury or be suspended/jailed/executed for a wide variety or crimes.  I’m sure there will be lots more of my bitching about this team to come, so if you wish, just point out my stupid choices now to get a chance at being first.



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5 responses to “Better than Christmas, and Assorted other Religious/Ethnic Holidays

  1. Your enthusiasm has me fired up for my FF draft.
    BTW, you look kin to Ozzy Osbourne.

  2. fruffy

    That’s actually Ozzy’s old mug shot. I love the St. Louis Blues retro tee.

  3. Your fantasy draft sounds like a group “roast.” And no one wanted to take Ryan Leaf?? I know he’s out there somewhere teaching blind children to dance, but spiritually, he will always be in the league. I hope you guys poured out some O’Douls onto the grass in honor of him.

  4. Sportsattitude

    “I took Joey Galloway next. I froze, I’m retarded.”

    We’ve all been there, my friend. Your blog also has me more fired up for Draft Day!

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