Spanish Peasants Rock


Last night I headed to the Horshoe Tavern some shitty dive to check out Los Campesino’s!.  I found out about them when one of our pleasant and surprisingly bright editors included them in his Power Rankings.  The first thing about the show that was really refreshing was that it was free.  That’s right, which left more clams for refreshing beverages.  The band was young, energetic and extremely appreciative that they were in Toronto and newly signed by Arts and Crafts, who have released discs for a veritable who’s who of Canadian talent including Broken Social Scene, Stars and Feist.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the show.  The sound is not like anything else out there.  Los Campesino’s are 7 members strong, rocking two guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, violin and xylophone.  The vocals harmonies blend nicely with the chilling violin and rifftacular guitar, no one instrument ever overpowering the whole.  For a very young band they had terrific stage presence and I predict that they will be using it to induce good natured foot tapping and head bopping for year to come.



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2 responses to “Spanish Peasants Rock

  1. palestinmiami

    Oh Shit Son! I didn’t know that you went. I really want to see them but because Miami sticks out like America’s wang they aren’t coming down here.

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