Just like email only way more fun.

3-D mailbox just might be the stupidest program I have encounter this year on the internet.  How is it acceptable that something this ridiculous be created in the year 2007?  Everything about this program screams developed in the early nineties right down to the Indian Jones-esque trailer.    What the hell is up with the graphics?  Look at the damn shark!  The whole project sort of looks like one of those games you could buy at the pharmacy on floppy disk in 1998.  While I’m still trying to figure the program out, it looks like each of your email may be delayed for several minutes trying to get past the bouncer.  But that sounds reasonable considering the element of fun that is added to getting an email.

I’m perplexed, usually I can at least figure out who the target audience of a program is but with this one I’m stumped.  They cannot be aiming at people who use the internet heavily because it is too retarded a program for anyone who works on a computer and it won’t appeal to an internet novice because it just too confusing and obscure.  Worst of all, the person who made the fucking thing is probably some sort of Internet millionaire.  Apparently this fucking program runs with a staff of 40 leading me to ask one question, “Who the fuck invested enough money to get this ape shit off the ground?”  Finally I should mention that while I absolutely hate that the first (and at this point only) level is in South Beach at a hotel called “3D mailbox hotel,” I do find it somewhat fitting. 



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2 responses to “Just like email only way more fun.

  1. Henderson

    When’s the blackberry version coming out?

  2. palestinmiami

    It acutally comes out for Sega Game Gear next year.

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