G-OD Knows


I can’t lie to you, I did not watch the ESPY’s.  After my last awards show experience, I decided to sit this one out, especially because Jimmy Kimmel usually makes me want to jump off something really high.  My other fear was that LeBron would rap all his lines in anticipation of his new album.  Lucky for me I finally checked out Greg Oden’s blog randomly and learned all I needed to know about the precedings.  A couple of lines really made me laugh.  First of all, what bag did he bring to the taping and why?  Also, how much is he being payed by Shaq to refer to things as being “diesel,” or did I just miss the boat on this new slang?  I also love the fact that he refers to people as “Mr.” and “Ms.” when he is clearly decades older than them.

In all seriousness, it is pretty hard to poke fun at the guy.  I also watched this interview from Miss Gossip over at Fanhouse and was very pleasantly surprised with his cool demeanor and down-to-earth responses.  I was not as impressed with Chris Paul.  Could he have been any more defensive when shown the picture of Oden dancing?  “THAT AIN’T ME!!”  Hilarious.

I always liked Oden better than Durant.  I think he will be a much better NBA player, and he seems to be a legitimately nice human being.  With all the Pacmanitis going on these days, its nice to see a high profile athlete with a seemingly good head on his shoulders. 

For another good diary of the ESPY’s check this out.  I don’t think Tyson’s head is still attached to his shoulders.



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6 responses to “G-OD Knows

  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  2. Man, I hate it when rich, fancy pro athletes actually turn out to be decent people. It’s much more fun when they’re jackasses, you know?

  3. palestinmiami

    I disagree… I like it when they seem like really good guys when they come up and then there is a huge fallout and no one likes them anymore. Like Vince Carter, and Kobe.

  4. fruffy

    @abarclay – there will always have to be those willing to survive without raising pitbulls and illegitimate children while throwing dollar bills at people and driving unlicensed cars while intoxicated in order for the jackasses to get their due.
    I really do hate Vince and Kobe. What bitches.

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  6. Lucky to find you, keep on the good workk guys! Best of luck.

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