LeBron wears secondhand pants


Once a long term deal has been secured, the off season for any professional athlete is a time to relax and focus on other business opportunities rather than training and conditioning one’s self to try to help the team next season.  It’s a simple philosophy of cashing in and cashing out.  I mean, come on, these athletes have been working their whole lives to get to that contract.  As soon as it arrives, don’t these gentlemen deserve a break?  Of course they do.  LeBron James is certainly accepting this ontology and is now in the phase of his life one would describe as “the Ferris Bueller zone.”  He’s worked hard, and done well enough to coast his way through the regular season before losing The NBA finals in spectacular fashion.  Now he’ll damn well play hard.  This is what made the fact that I saw him on South Beach this weekend completely unsurprising. 

While I say it is unsurprising, I should mention that seeing LeBron trying to get into a club that is two blocks from my house is still something that will turn my head.  I guess that it was just a lucky mix of a huge crowd and me wandering out to the Playwright that allowed me to nearly bump into this 6’10’’ monster.  Anyway, you can read about the fact that he wasn’t allowed in to the club because he didn’t have the right pants on here and here, but what you can’t read about is what I saw that night.

First, LeBron threw a temper tantrum to the bouncer, then offered him money, and walked away before paying some random [very tall white] person on the street an unknown amount of money to switch pants with him.  The guy took off his pants, gave them to LeBron, he jumped into a car, changed out of his shorts and into the other guys pants… It was perhaps the gulliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life… and LeBron did end up getting into the club.  That’s where my story ends.

Oh, and, yeah because it worked out so well for Shaq, Kobe and AI, LeBron is also releasing a Rap album sometime soon…  Oh! to be a pampered athlete.


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One response to “LeBron wears secondhand pants

  1. I didn’t realize LeBron was into tall white men’s pants.

    I can’t wait for LeBron’s album to drop. I’ll sleep out in front of Best Buy to be the first one to have it.

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