Stop Wasting Good Watermelon!

I was watching Letterman last night and Don Cheadle was plugging his upcoming movie Talk to Me in which he depicts legendary Washington media personality Petey Greene.  I had no idea who the hell he was talking about and wondered why another biographical movie was really necessary.  Cheadle, obviously realizing that Greene may not be a household name, especially to us whities, suggested that I check out the following link.

Now where can I find quality programming like that these days.  If he gets this passionate about melon imagine what he was like talking about the non-fruit causes he believed in.  Apparantly Petey said what he wanted, to whom he wanted and basically did whatever the fuck else he wanted to do including stealing silverware from the White House.  I really wish there was more room in today’s media for ex-cons who just tell it like it is.  Can’t you just see Petey on CNN pummeling the hell out of Wolf Blitzer for putting too much salt on his watermelon?



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2 responses to “Stop Wasting Good Watermelon!

  1. palestinmiami

    the two best parts of the video:

    Petey Green Jumping off the diving board and then playing with the kids in the public pool (1:10 remaining)

    “A Twang of salt” (2:45 remaining)

  2. This guy is great. You don’t go cuttin out the guts of no watermelon! I hope this scene is in the movie.

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