Stick to Posing Jerks


You should probably not watch this video if you have any respect for Eddie George.  It’s the second one down on the list.  Sorry, I couldn’t find it anywhere else so you’ll have to wait for the Army to stop recruiting you before you can watch it.  It was taken at the latest Heisman Trophy Winners Association Bash.  The first question that popped into my head was, why the hell do they need to have a party?  Then I figured it is so that Ty Detmer, Danny Wuerffel, Eric Crouch, and Jason White can talk about the good old days instead of continually being asked why the fuck they amounted to nothing.  I don’t understand how so many winners of this prestigious award end up being complete mutts in the NFL.  If you’re interested in who has won the award here it is.  Who the hell in Gino Torretta? 

We’ll all have to wait at least a couple seasons before adding Troy Smith to this illustrious group, but I personally don’t have a lot of hope for the guy.  The most troubling part of the video is that Eddie George knows all the words to a bunch of honky music.  I hope when Troy Smith takes the stage he’ll at least have the courtesy to bust out some Biggy or Tu and really get Chris Weinke’s ass shaking.


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