iPhone: turning grown men into children since 2007

The reason i hate the iphone, and most Apple technology, is because people become children when the use it. I mean the iphone does do some cool stuff but in the end it’s just a phone. I actually watched a guy who was playing with his I iphone ask someone standing right beside him to call him from about a foot away. I mean it is a phone so of course the call went through. When it started ringing people people all around this guy became very impressed. After a lot of Ewwwws and Awwwwws phone while still connected to the call was passed around to 7 or 8 people. Each person took their turn having a silly 30 second conversation, but I guess that because the two phones were so close to one another there was an echo. The funniest thing was that no one could figure out why the echo was happening and they equated it to a bad phone. The look on the owners face was hilarious, he was crushed until someone said that it was probably that the two phones were too close together. The owner of the iphone sheepishly took his toy back and walked away. It was the sorriest display of consumerism I’ve ever seen

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