Spice Bag’s United


 Well the Spice Girls are back together and touring the world and some immediate questions jump out:

Were the Spice Girls always this weird looking?

How were these women ever sex symbols?

Can Baby Spice Speak?

Did they actually compare themselves to the Rolling Stones?

Did Scary Spice used to be a man? 

Is she going to haunt my dreams?

When Did Gerry become such a frail hippy? 

Is she actually that much older than the other girls?

If they are such good friends how come they can’t be in the same room for a news conference?

Is it true that the most successful thing any of them did after the band was to marry a soccer player?

Is it really fair for them to refer to themselves as “girls” when they are clearly women?


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One response to “Spice Bag’s United

  1. Man, I haven’t seen the Spice Girls looking this hot since their movie: SPICE WORLD. I think Posh Spice aged the best, and I’m not sure you know this, but their manager had Baby Spice’s mouth wired shut because he felt she was packing on a little too many lb’s. They’re looking ready to kick start their tour, no doubt.

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