Kanye West still spits fire.

While it seems like many of the artists in the music industry, specifically the hip-hop community, are contempt to make shit,  (see: Curtis) one who it seems doesn’t is Kanye West (we’ll unless you count his lazy young folks sample).  Kanye constantly spits fire.  His new single Stronger, is no different.  While the album, Graduation won’t hit shelves until late August, you’ll probably be able to hear most of it before then. 

You can watch the entire video here.  One thing that is interesting to note is that Kanye Seems to be biting Calvin Harris style with the glasses, and the techno beat.



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4 responses to “Kanye West still spits fire.

  1. TheMarathonMan

    Alright, let me get my serious face on for a minute:

    This strikes me as a terrible move for hip-hop. By moving (far) away from the music upon which he built his core audience, Kanye is conceding that his own style – you know, the one that brought him to the top and kept hip-hop relevant – is no longer commercially viable music.

    Sorry, but this is just sad.

    Also, Kanye can’t rap without a ghost writer. Check his liner notes, big homie.

  2. fruffy

    Who is his core audience? I’m pretty sure all the white teens and twenty somethings that loved his other stuff will eat this up with their silver spoons. Commercially viable = commercially successful. Sales will be the true test.

  3. palestinmiami

    I disagree. I think that he is probably just going in a different direction. After all how many singles can he put out that are all just sped up soul samples. I think that this sped up and chopped techno sample really shows his versatility.


  4. TheMarathonMan

    Um, nah, Kanye built his rep as the house producer at The Roc, hence the record deal. So if that’s what white kids in shopping malls were about in 1999…cool.

    Moreover, he brought in the TLR audience not with gimmicky shit, but by sticking with a productive style that was a direct derivative of the RZA and Pete Rock.

    He was able to popularize a classic sound and it’s sad that he (read: Def Jam) feels the need to go do something so out of left field in order to generate buzz.

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