Oden or Durant? Who Gives a Shit

I was up at a pal’s cottage this weekend and was therefore unable to watch the first round of the NHL draft that happened on Friday evening.  Had I known that Sports Guy was going to do a running diary documenting the event, well I …… still would have gone, fuck I love cottage parties.  Despite this, I think it is pretty monumental that he decided to give the event his undivided attention for two hours, especially considering his dislike for professional hockey.  Now I can go either way with Bill, his genius has baffled me and his stupidity and blind fandom have repulsed me to no end.  On this one I really think he had some great points. 

First and foremost, him watching TSN’s feed obviously made all the difference.  He is completely inamoured with the Canadian accent and hilarious Canadians, of which there are many including yours truly.  This leads me to believe that all hockey needs to survive on U.S. television is a Canadian feed.  Pierre McGuire, who I despise generally, appears on NBC already to try to lend a small degree of legitimacy to their horrible coverage.  Why not just broadcast the CBC and TSN feeds?  For those who are already fans, they could listen to people who actually know what they’re talking about, and new fans could be entertained just by hearing the commentators say “about.”  It’s clearly win-win.  The clear exception here is Farhan Lalji, who Bill and I both agree is a complete mutt. 

I did see a sports section on Saturday and the biggest surprise to me was Angelo Esposito slipping to number 20. If they can manage their salaries they should be dominant for the next 10 years or so.   Bill’s explanation is pretty good considering Bettman was once an evil midget henchman for Stern and the NBA:

Hmmmm … the Rangers already had a sweater ready with Cherepanov’s name on the back. That’s a little fishy. How did they know a top-five guy would slip to No. 17? If Esposito “drops” to the Penguins at No. 20, we’ll have moved right into the Fishy Zone — two marquee teams “fortunately” getting two marquee prospects? Even David Stern wouldn’t have been this blatant.

I also really agree with Bill’s analysis of boring hockey interviews.  They should be forced to shotgun 6 beers before they get on the camera so we don’t hear the exact same thing every fucking time which has been an intolerable trend for too long.  

Sober interview:  “You know we just went into the corners, gave 11o%, worked hard and came out the better team tonight.”

After 6:  “We dominated those twat waffles!  Did you see me lay out that pussy in second period?  I’m pretty sure I heard him shit himself on contact.  Watch out Nashville, I’m coming for you next.”

American Hockey just needs a little more Don, “about”, and beer.  Am I wrong?


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One response to “Oden or Durant? Who Gives a Shit

  1. Henderson

    All I want to know is where Corey Brewer is going (fingers crossed for Bobcats)

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